Final Day of the Starquest Indiegogo Campaign!

In honor of Starquest’s space pirates and St. Nicholas Day, I give you:

Pirate Santa!

Wish I could find the artist to give credit. Amazing picture!

Ready for some swashbuckling fun…in space! Come visit the Starquest Indiegogo campaign before it closes tomorrow evening!

We have unlocked the fourth stretch goal!  All four Starquest Episodes (books) are a reality!

Fifth stretch goal is: A Tie-In Card Game…help fund the card game that will allow you to play out a Starquest adventure or, if all goes well someday, to play Starquest verses Oz!

For every $500 the campaign makes between $11,000 and $13,000, backers of Pirate Hunter and above will receive a Starquest collector’s card (usable in the game.) If we reach $14,000, three more cards will be added to make a 7-card promo pack.

Happy St. Nicholas’s Day!