A Question about Trump

I came across this discussion on another website, but would like to share it here:

A heckler raised the following question about Trump:

Why do Trumpsters still support this guy?

No wall, no Obamacare repeal, no spending cuts.

It’s like they don’t care about issues at all.

My answer:

Why do Trumpsters still support this guy? I have a list:

here are a few choice items from the list. About a quarter of a hundred is enough to start a conversation.

1. He opposes and humiliates the Fake News.
2. Strengthened the military after the devastation of the Obama cuts.
3. Historically low unemployment rates for minorities, women.
4. Forces NATO allies to pay their fair share.
5. No open border.
6. Strengthening the electrical grid against EMP attack.
7. Conservative, originalist judges appointed to the Supreme Court, meaning…
8. Repeal of Roe v Wade now feasible.
9. Conservative, originalist judges appointed to federal circuit and district courts.
10. Deregulation.
11. Right to choose for Veterans.
12. VA accountability.
13. Dying patients allowed to try experimental drugs.
14. ISIS defeated, no longer controls a single square mile of land anywhere on earth.
15. NASA returned to a proper function as a space agency.
16. Halted the ruinous Iran Deal.
17. Halted ruinous Paris Climate Accords.
18. Reversed Obama era policies on cross-dressers in school girls bathrooms.
19. Oil independence, Also, fraking. Also, pipelines stalled by green nuts built.
20. North Korea halted nuclear testing, firing missiles into Japanese airspace.
21. Obamacare mandate repealed.
22. Sheriff Joe pardoned.
23. Clinton’s war with Russia avoided.
24. Obama’s spygate scandals opened for all to see with eyes to look
25. Johnson Amendment reversed.

I would have voted for the man, and would continue to support him, for any ONE of these accomplishments or campaign promises filled. But here he has delivered even more than promised, which no politician in the history of the world has ever done, not to my knowledge.

And, most of all, Trump drives the News nuts. Seeing the grown up hippies of my youth now calling Russia a threat, saying we must trust and obey the FBI and CIA, defending the idea of federalist separation of powers, and defending the right of Big Business (Google, Facebook) to run as they wish without government oversight is simply a sign of their total hypocrisy and total mental breakdown.

It is as if not one of them remembers who or what they said or were two years ago, or two days.