One Question to Climate Stasis Advocates

To those advocating the adoption of a global totalitarian socialist world order in order to prevent an alleged but unconfirmed one degree rise in average temperature over the next century, I have an honest question.

If my tone is slightly acerbic, it is because I have asked this question many times before, and was never answered in a satisfactory way, or even in a civil way.

In 2003-2005, astronomers made the observation that the ice cap of Mars measurably shrank. Likewise, in 2002, astronomers observed changes to the color of Pluto concurring because frozen gasses thawing which normally stay frozen.

The only possible conclusion was that the amount of radiant heat shed by the sun reaching those worlds had increased by some small but measurable amount.

Presumably, during those same years, the other worlds orbiting that same sum received more heat radiation as well.

If Earth surface temperatures did not rise in step with the temperature increases on Mars and Pluto, it is safe to assume the correctly operating environmental balancing mechanisms of evaporation and cloud cover altered the albedo of the Earth to compensate. (More heat means more evaporation means more cloud cover means higher albedo means more radiation reflected back into outer space.)

Occam’s razor would seem to favor a simpler explanation for the mild warming trend of ten year ago, rather than to interpret it as an outcome of manmade CO2 trapping radiant heat in the nightside hemisphere of the Earth, while, for no reason whatever, the normal mechanism for reabsorbing excess CO2 by the increase in plantlife as growing seasons increase continue to fail to compensate. (More CO2 means more heat means longer growing season means more plantlife means more plants inhaling more CO2 to exhale more O2.)

One would think that if all the planets are warmer at the moment due as primary cause to the Sun in his strength increasing output, in no sense can the change in warmth on Earth be blamed on human activity as the primary cause.

I have never, and I mean never, been privy to any conversation or lecture where any advocate for Climate Stasis addressed this known fact. The observations of global warming on Mars and Pluto at least raises a sober doubt as to the prevailing hysterical theory.

My question is this:

Is or is not this doubt, just by itself, is sufficient to halt, or at least slow, the headlong rush your and your partisans recommend for the erection of the totalitarian socialist New World Order and the foundation of the compulsory First Church of Darkness worshipping the seven-headed Beast from the Sea, before we all get the Yellow Sign imprinted on our brow or hand to show our carbon footprint and vegetarian diet tracking, and soylent green recycling score all fall within the strict limits the proposed SkyNet-Colossus social credit systems will allow?

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(I include here an accurate visual image of the world as it be after the triumph of the Climate Activists. See below.)