Gaslight — A Third Reminder

This is the third column in a series begun here and here.

Reminders of the obvious are useful and necessary in world where all our major public institutions are engaged in a reckless policy of gaslighting the public, that is, of saying obviously false, absurdly illogical, and morally repugnant things with an assumed air of nonchalance, as if you, dear reader, were the madman for not conforming to the appearance of a consensus.

The conformist believes that 97% of scientists agree bad weather resulting from air travel and cow flatulence will render the Earth uninhabitable in ten years time. The only possible solution to the looming crisis is to enact universal socialized medicine, abolish the law of supply and demand, and to have your children spayed and neutered.

This is because science is based, not on objective reality, but on a consensus of scientific opinion, which is to say, political opinion. Truth is untrue.

The conformist believes that pregnant men are guaranteed a constitutional right to murder a child in his womb, because men are not necessarily male, and children in the womb are not necessarily children.

This is because constitutional law is based, not on logic, but on the proposition that a thing can be and not be both itself and not itself, at the same time and in the same sense. Reason is unreason.

The conformist believes that sex is a social myth and not a biological reality, hence can be changed at whim, no matter what your genetic composition when born. On the other hand, sexual perversion, fetishism, pederasty, sodomy, and suchlike, are innate and genetically determined, hence cannot be changed.

Therefore it should be illegal to offer counseling services to those struggling with same-sex attraction who seek a cure, because perversion is not a disorder, and there is nothing to cure. It should be celebrated instead.

This is because sexual passion, but only when it is perverted from the norm, and thus aids in the dissolution of the nuclear family, is sacrosanct, and not to be opposed, nor even questioned. Decency and chastity are sinister attempts to oppress the righteous. Virtue is vice.

The conformist believes that Epstein committed suicide, and that the news not only reported this fairly and accurately but is diligently following up the clues, seeking the truth.

This is because to be gullible about impossible things and skeptical about self-evident things is the height of intellectual achievement. Wisdom is folly.

The conformist believes that the sole reason why the news quashed the accusations and evidence against Epstein, is because these accusations did not meet the impeccable standards on display when Brett Kavanaugh or Clarence Thomas were being so credibly accused.

The conformist also believes that Donald Trump, when he referred to the murderous riots orchestrated at Charlottesville, when he spoke of “good people on both sides” was not referring to the controversy surrounding whether to topple the statues of confederate heroes and erase their names from a public park, but instead referred to the riots between Antifas and the nineteen Neo-Nazis who had infiltrated the event, carrying scented tiki-torches.

The conformist believes Trump actually, really meant, to compliment the Neo-Nazis despite that the tape, and the transcript, both easily available after a one-second visit to any Internet search engine, show that Trump specifically and forcefully says the opposite, and within the same paragraph, the part never quoted.

Maybe it was a dogwhistle. Maybe saying the exact opposite reveals you really mean it. Who are your going to believe? The media-entertainment industrial complex, or your lying eyes?

The conformist also believes that it is merely a coincidence that the whistleblower who revealed the truth of the matter to the public, namely, that CBS quashed the story for three years, exposing countless children to the molestation of a ring of white slavers, has been tracked down to her current job at ABC, and fired from that. (Unless I am confusing CBS and ABC one with the other. Since they read from the same script and follow the same marching orders, it is impossible to say).

Likewise, the conformist believes that the boys of Covington Catholic High displayed incorrect expressions on their faces when being pestered and harassed by lunatic hecklers. This is facecrime.

The conformist believes that the news correctly reported all this, and, when interviewed on national television, the interviewer, rather than conducting an interview, chided the lad involved for his aggressively standing still while a loon standing nose to nose with him beat a drum in his face, yodeling. Trust the news. Trust the Ministry of Truth.

Likewise, Columbus was a racist, George Washington was a racist, Churchill was a racist, Nixon was a crook, Senator McCarthy was a witch-hunter, Reagan was a communist, George Bush was a war criminal, Trump is literally Hitler, and so we should all surrender our guns immediately to Trump, and turn all arms over to the government.

Twelve of the thirteen wars ongoing in the world for over a decade involve Muslim nations and groups, and yet it is Israel, no one else, who provoked those wars and is responsible for the evils and commotions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. How the modern nation-state of Israel  contrived to do so since the Sixth Century is unclear. To observe that a religion preaching the sacred imperative of violent conquest and violent conversion by the sword leads and has led to violence is crimethink.

To observe the number of cathedrals and basilicas torched by Muslim arsonists in Europe, or the number of blonde girls raped by Muslim rape gangs, is crimethink leading to crimespeak. Ungood!

Only someone suffering from a mental disorder, called Islamophobia, regards the rise of terrorism as dangerous.

Whereas to be fearful of alleged terrorist acts by alleged white supremacist and neonazi groups, allegedly existing in America in vast numbers and hiding under every bed and behind every rock, committing terrifying crimes (including such things as a neurotic Jewish schoolboy phoning in bomb threats to synagogues, or a neurotic black actors faking a hate crime to report falsely to the Chicago police) that is merely common sense, and not phobic at all.

All this is because to question or doubt our self-anointed elite leads to independence of thought and word, which is the same as racism and hate speech.

The conformist believes that liberty comes only through mindless conformity to the dictates of the rich and powerful, who will police our thoughts and root out crimethink. Liberty is slavery.

Likewise, the conformist believes that one should believe the accusations of rape or sexual harassment uttered by women, merely because they are women, unless of course they are accusing Clinton, or Weinstein, or Fairfax, or someone else useful to the Establishment.

Likewise, the conformist believes that impeachment inquiries should be held in secret, the accusers not be confronted, and the accused not be allowed either to cross examine witnesses, nor see the evidence against him. Unless it is Clinton being examined, whereupon attempts to discredit and destroy the Special Prosecutor assigned to the inquiry are legitimate.

This is because life consists of nothing but a Darwinian struggle of irreconcilable interest groups, based on political identity, such as race or sex, where whoever is not the oppressor is the oppressed. Any lie told or injustice done out of partisan party loyalty is laudable.

Any attempt at fair-mindedness is treason to the party. Only the race or sex of the accuser and the accused need be consulted, for a black man cannot be racist: unless he is a conservative, whereupon he is a Nazi. Justice is social justice.

The conformist likewise believes that Big Tech has a special role to play, along with the Deep State, in being the guardians of our democracy, by preventing those who would introduce facts and evidence into the discussion, or voice judgments inconsistent with the consensus of conformists, or by punishing such speech with unlawful abuses of the legal system to spy on, entrap, libel, slander, or otherwise conspire against, any non conformist. We do not need to hear the facts. Ignorance is strength.

Rest assured, dear reader, that the hypocrisy involved in all these inconsistent lies and inconsistent self-contradictions believed and broadcast by the conformist are not only false, they are insane.

I mean that literally. The people may or may not be insane, but the ideas have suffered a psychotic break with reality. The ideas follow an unreality principle, which holds that in small ways to defy reality is good, but that in all ways to defy reality is greatness.

These insane ideas are not mistakes, not oversights created by a lack of mental prowess, not innocent errors. An error, if innocent, is corrected as soon as it is detected.

I am not a mind reader. I am not claiming to know what goes on in the mind or the heart of any of these lying hypocrites.  By I can hear and judge their words, and compare them to their actions.

A man whose words contradicts his own words is not telling the truth. If he persists in doing so, despite any doubts or questions, it can be safely assumed to be deliberate. Deliberate untruthfulness is a lie. Likewise, windy assertions that one never applies to one’s own actions are hypocrisy, which is to say, it is play acting.

If any man of them really meant what he said, he would apply the same standard to himself as he applies to others.

Any man of them really meant what he said would condemn racism out of the mouth of a black man equally when hearing it from a white, regardless.

He would render justice to the rich and to the poor alike, regardless.

He would not believe unskeptically what he is told to believe by flatterers and liars, whiled obediently scoffing at what his own eyes see.

He would judge each man by the content of his character. He would not hold your skin color to be your uniform.

None of them mean this nonsense and wickedness they put forth. Again, I do not say this because I know their hearts. I do not.

I do know that no one who speaks nonsense follows a standard of logic. No one who utters known falsehoods follows a standard of truth. No one who urges vice follows a standard of virtue. Promoting cowardice does not advance fortitude, nor upholding folly promote prudence, nor encouraging excess encourage temperance, nor does calling for injustice create justice.

The reason why I say they do not believe a word, a syllable, a letter, a jot or tittle, of the evil nonsense they utter is that, if they did believe it, any of it, they would apply the same standards to themselves and to others. That is what is means to believe something. Anything else is lip-service.

Do not ask when these poor souls will wake up and see reality and admit wrong. The answer is never. They will never wake. Slumber is the point. Sloth is the point. Evading reality is the point. Avoiding God is the point. Defying heaven is the point. Pride is the point. Pride is the whole point.

Having no standards is the point. In a world with no standards, one need never admit wrong.

You may ask, but if they have no standards, why are they so angry all the time?

In a world where there is no right and no wrong, why are these yammerheads always yammering about how wronged they are?

Why do they need to manufacture, out of secret code words only they can decode or secret dog whistles only they can hear, hate crimes and conspiracies against themselves?

Why do they call men women, accuse conservative and observant Jews of being Alt Right Nazis, say black men have white privilege, and claim Epstein committed suicide?

Why do they riot? Why wear masks? Why cheer at bloodshed, delight in tumult and arson and vandalism, and shout down speakers on college campuses?

Why do they leap with such alacrity to the defense of Mohammedan terrorists and tyrants, even while those terrorists are shooting up nightclubs full of homosexuals, stoning rape victims and mutilating the genitals of women, waging racist wars of genocide, and otherwise doing the exact opposite of everything the conformists claim to favor? Do they yearn for death?

Imagine their lives. Imagine life in a cosmos without standards, where your almost-smothered conscience still inflicts jabs and barbs and maddening itches never to be soothed. The whisper of sham and accusation haunts them wherever they flee, and they flee when no man pursues them.

Of course they are angry. Look at all the nonsense they have to believe in order to conform.

Epstein did not kill himself.