An Open Letter to Gnos Tic

After prayer and reflection, I feel I owe you and my other readers an apology. You and I have exchanged insults, which, until now, I thought was the normal roughhousing and horseplay two men of equal status, wit, and maturity (or lack thereof) could exchange with no harm done and no hard feelings.

But, at the promptings of the Holy Spirit, I now realize that this was far from the case, even the opposite of the truth. A man of my age, wit, and status should not mock someone of yours. The contest is uneven.

I should have found a way to tell you the horrible truth about your life, not to mention the peril to your mortal soul, without overstepping the bounds of courtesy and Christian charity.

I should have all this time been treating you as a beloved child of heaven, made in the holy image and likeness of Almighty God.

Because, like it or not, that is the truth about you. It is a truth too good to be true, and a truth too hard for you to accept.

I do not ask you for forgiveness, since I know you well enough to know how such a petition would be heard, but I make this public confession to assure my other readers that I seek to mend my ways and will attempt avoid the further temptation.

Any prayers from the faithful to high heaven to aid my endless struggle against my own overweening pride would be appreciated.

Sarcasm and contempt are my daily speech, and this is the talk from hell. Heavenly words are more beautiful and more biting, because less shallow.

May heaven grant me the strength of mind and wideness of heart to leave my shallow nature behind. Only the weak minded are ruled by emotions and passions. I am shamed to count myself this day among their number.