Enemy Control of the Narrative

A reader with the rangiferine yet accipitrine name of Rudolph Harrier writes with this note on the insidious attempt of Minitru to weft an embarrassing revelation into the Memory Hole.

Somewhat off topic, somewhat related in the sense that it deals with the enemy’s control of the narrative.

George Stephanopoulos was caught on air making a motion to cut off Trump’s lawyer:


This appeared on the CNN livestream. Then within minutes it disappeared from there. The linked video is a poor quality recording of a TV screen.

I found the video by using a Bing search restricted to youtube for the query “Stephanopoulos cuts off trump lawyer.” It showed up as the first result.

Searching on youtube itself, I could not find the video, nor any other video of the event for that matter. Instead I got pages and pages of videos from mainstream news, almost entirely critical of President Trump. I didn’t even get a video relating to Stephanopoulos until the sixth result.

We need to develop and support alternative institutions, including for basic enough services as simple searches.

My comment: I hope I am not the only one old enough to remember when Mr. Stephanopoulos was the personal lick-spittle lackey and hatchetman for Bill Clinton, the boy in charge of threatening rape victims and ex lovers of the Adulterer in Chief into silence, and orchestrating their harassment and defamation.

The idea of imagining this fawning Renfield to be an objective journalist is beyond parody.