Eric Holder and Candace Owens

In February of 2009, Eric H. Holder Jr., Mr. Obama’s Attorney General (no doubt borrowing a phrase from pro-Second-Amendment activist Jeff Snyder) called the United States “a nation of cowards” on the grounds that there is an insufficient dialog on race issues, apparently on the theory that no honest nor legitimate reason can exist for that alleged insufficiency, other than cowardice.

Since I myself have never had a single day pass wherein some Leftwing wokescold, either on the news or closer to home, has not shouted, screamed, yodeled, yelled, shrieked, slobbered, vomited, and raged about race, race-relations, racism, racists, and race far in excess of any sane man’s honest interest in the topic, I am dumbfounded at the concept that anyone could condemn the alleged silence allegedly smothering all talk on the issue as excessive.

Candace Owens posted the following video, no doubt in an effort to redress the alleged over-silence on the issue of race relations.

Please watch the whole thing.

In a private text message, the co-owner of a cafe in Alabama agreed with the sentiments in the video, saying that George Floyd, while he did not deserve to die, was a thug, and should not be lionized, and that the rioters were idiots. The private message was leaked, and the predictable mob harassment followed.

Learning of this, Owens started a GoFundMe campaign to pass the hat to raise money for the cafe and help the beleaguered business.

Learning of this, GoFundMe not only halted Owens’ charitable campaign, but also suspended her account altogether, on the grounds that support of small businesses harassed by agitators for expressing conservative political opinions “to be in support of hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance.”

So far, I have not heard Mr. Holder, or any Obama-era official, condemn GoFundMe for their cowardice in silencing the robust dialog on race relations.

I have, on the other hand, noticed considerable silence from the mainstream media over the death of one David Dorn, a 77 year old grandfather, retired police officer, shot by rioters while defending a store from looting, and filmed in his dying moments as he was left to die on the street.

I have, on the other hand, noticed considerable silence when it comes to retracting hoaxes and libels alleging racism where no evidence of racism exists, or, after investigation, was found not to exist, such as in the cases of:

And meanwhile actual hate crimes against Jews and Trump supporters go unmentioned by the main stream media.

Not only has there been no retraction of libel that Trump called white supremacists “very fine people” (when, in fact, he explicitly did not, and, in the same comment, explicitly condemned them), but the falsehood is still spread and repeated to this hour.

This nation cannot any longer tolerate to live in continual fear or harassment, boycott, cancellation, and riot at the hands of the wokescolds.

The concept of spontaneously creating alternative private platforms nicely fits with libertarian theory, but is woefully impractical.

The concept of granting platform providers with immunity from lawsuit for discriminatory practices and civil rights violations is an abrogate of equal protection under the law.

Allowing these monopolies to flourish while striking down, for example, Ma Bell, which was not alleged to have abused it monopoly position, is also unequal.

We live in an Empire of Lies. The hour of revolt is at hand.