Last Crusade 44: Luciferianism

Several aspects of the visible and public behavior of the Enemy for many years have puzzled me, to which, at long last, an insight offers a possible key.

The first puzzle is an inability of the Enemy to name itself or its goals, or, indeed, to name anything by its true name.

The second is an unwillingness to treat true dangers to the public weal soberly, while, simultaneously treating imaginary or trivial dangers with hysteria.

The third is an addiction to paranoia, particularly in the form of antisemitic conspiracy theories.

The insight comes, among other places, from John Milton and from Saint Thomas Aquinas.

In his PARADISE LOST, in Book I the poet has Lucifer, the Prince of the Fallen Angels, say this about the ruin of his fall. In this passage Satan defies the Almighty, and vows never to repent nor change “… that fixed mind and high disdain from sense of injured merit …” which first led him to rebellion.

In other words, the poet here portrays the quite theologically sound insight that pride is the source and summit of rebellion against creation and Creator, and hence against truth, reason, virtue, joy, love, and beauty and, in a word, all divine or desirable things.

Be not deceived: in English, we have one word, “pride” which is used in several contexts.

So we call the happy glow a father knows when his son hits his first homerun in Little League; so we call the firm devotion to good craftsmanship and diligence pride of workmanship; we speak of being proud of one’s flag; we speak of a serviceman, policeman, fireman, or even an eagle scout as wearing his uniform with pride; we speak of men too proud to flee or too proud to lie.

All these are called by the same word as we use for the sin of pride, but in truth they are aspects of love: paternal love, love of one’s work, love of country, love of the ideals one serves, love of courage or love of honor.

Well-raised children, well-done work, beloved homelands, high ideals, deep virtues, are all types of excellence, and pride is the proper emotional reply and homage to be paid to excellence.

The pride of Lucifer is a different matter altogether. The sin of pride is defined as the excessive love of one’s own excellence.

The Angelic Doctor considers pride to be the queen of all vices. He understands it to be that frame of mind in which a man, through a disordered love of his own worth, aims to withdraw himself from subjection to Almighty God, and sets at naught the commands of superiors. It is contempt of one’s Creator, which means, when played out to its logical conclusion, contempt for all creation, especially of those made in the Creator’s image.

The pride of Lucifer is the false god that drives out the true. It is a jealous idol, and will have no others before it. It is a crown that fits only one head.

Pride differs from vainglory. A vain man can be kindly toward his flatterers because they flatter him. He wants the good opinions of his neighbors, merely not for any accomplishments he has honestly earned. He still places at least some value on men and their opinions, that is, the value a thief places on another man’s earnings. A man entirely possessed of pride admits of no excellence in others greater than his own.

Finally, pride is a demon to which one surrenders as one surrenders to an addictive drug; and it possesses you and enslaves you.

The intellect is darkened by pride so that, absent divine grace, the victim of pride has no ability seek for wisdom from anyone or anything anywhere outside the self-consumed event horizon of his own void, vain, and shallow imaginings. That part of his mind is dead.

The will is corrupted by pride, so that, absent divine grace, the prideful man has no ability to mend himself, because the impulse to do so never arises. That part of his soul is dead.

With this in mind, let us turn our eyes to the three puzzles of the Enemy.

The first is its namelessness.

At times, those loyal to the Enemy identify themselves with the political party called Liberal, which, in times past, advocated for the liberty and equality of all men, hence the name.

At one time, the word Liberal referred to those who held to the  theory that all man have a natural right to life, liberty, and property, and to equal treatment under the law. Their plan was to abolish legal distinctions based on birth between royalty, aristocracy, and commoner, and to free all slaves; a limited and constitutional government severed into three branches operating checks and balances each against the excesses of another, ruling an armed people by their own free consent, was the practical means advocated to achieve this goal.

The social movement currently called Liberal has none of these properties. It is advocates taxpayer-supported prenatal infanticide, which abolishes the right to life. It advocate the abolition of private property, and – in the name of social justice – the permanent imposition of legal privileges based on birth to punish Anglo-Saxons and Jews while elevating minority races, Spaniards, Negros, and sometimes Orientals. Their plan is to abolish law and order, defund the police, demand reparations for antique historical events, and to impose a tyranny on thought, word, and deed, in the name of a shining utopia promised spontaneously to spring into being under its own power, once civilization dies, and mere anarchy deluges the earth in blood, smothers the clouds in flame, smoke, and screams.

The word Liberal, hence, is used in the opposite of its true meaning.

Those who advocate for limited government, rule of law, and the natural rights of man to life, liberty and property – in other words, those properly called Liberals — are denounced as racists and fascists. This, despite the fact that this selfsame party, moved by the selfsame ideals of liberty and equality, are the party that abolished slavery worldwide, and destroy fascism, and orchestrated the downfall of the evil empire of Soviet Russia, and, in each case, was opposed by the totalitarian anarchists currently calling themselves Liberal.

Likewise, for words like Progressive, Democratic, Social Justice, Political Correctness: all are used either as meaningless mouth-noises, or to mean the precise opposite of their true meaning.

Likewise, for words that refer to normal and decent virtues or to lawful and wholesome institutions. A new and ill-defined word, like ‘diversity’ or ‘gender-neutral’ or ‘homophobic’ or ‘sexual orientation’ has to be introduced into the public dialog in order to avoid true names that truly name the objects being discussed, such as racism, misandry, chastity, or perversion. Merely calling marriage a tool of the ‘patriarchy’ or calling normal, chaste, and decent romantic relations between man and wife ‘hetero-normativity’ renders open discussion of the matter impossible.

Such jabberwocky serves many purposes.

First, it is deception. The Enemy introduces argle-bargle and blither into public discussion in order to drive reason away.

Second, it is chaos. To this day, even among alleged conservatives, one cannot use a word like ‘equality’ and expect to be understood according to the ordinary and clear meaning of the word. Equality means to be held to laws that ignore favoritism, which is special treatment based on birth or partisanship and not on merit. The Enemy uses the word to mean identity politics, that is, favoritism based on race or partisanship. Small wonder even honest men are confounded and bewildered.

Third, it is vainglory, also called virtue signaling. Those who willingly utter known untruths out of love of untruth do so to display their peacock tails of presumed moral and mental superiority to their neighbors. The unwilling, forced to utter known untruths or humiliating gibberish out of fear, are hence dispirited and unmanned.

So, next, it is humiliation. The nonsense he is forced to speak acts like a scarlet letter or yellow star or some other visible badge of shame.

Fifth and finally, such garbled orc-speech, vehement in clamor, also serves, like the colors on a ship’s mast, or a uniform, or  a gang-sign, to show loyalty to the group, in this case, loyalty to the idols of the Enemy. The inclusion of the unwilling creates the illusion that the Enemy is more numerous than it is.

So here was have five reasons why the Enemy’s language consists always of lies. Yet these reasons do not explain all the cases.

But it is more than mere deception, chaos, vainglory, humiliation, and idolatry. For the jabberwocky language is used even among the servants of the Enemy in private, where there is no one to deceive, humiliate, or impress; more to the point, jabberwocky language is used even when counterproductive.

There is a deeper truth here, an answer not yet seen.

The second puzzle of the Enemy is the blindness to real dangers combined with the overwrought shows of panic toward trivial or imaginary dangers.

Compare, for example, the danger posed by Islamic terrorism compared to the danger allegedly posed by Islamophobic backlash. Contemplate the decade upon decade of the Global Warming fraud, the Global Cooling fraud, the Global Climate Change fraud, no doubt to be followed soon by a Global Climate Status fraud.

Remember the nonchalance with which the Left during the Cold War regarded the threat from the Soviet Union with the overwrought rhetoric drooled in bucketloads upon the alleged threat from Russia under Putin, allegedly a puppet-master of presidents and congressmen. And, again, compare the fear voiced surrounding the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover with the dismissive nonchalance surrounding the FBI’s role in Obamagate. Compare the fear voiced of witchunts and false accusation between Senator Joe McCarthy and Senator Adam Schiff.

Again, there are a list of reasons. First, the servants of the Enemy, in some cases, are craven. They are merely physical cowards who fear harm at the hands of rioters and terrorists.

Second, some of this cowardice is a false claim meant to provoke sympathy or to usurp an unearned moral superiority.

The claim that polite words can cause physical terror allows them either to gag anyone questioning their opinions, or to retreat into the sanctuary of a safe space, where the writ of common courtesy, and the rule that one must hear both sides of any debate, no longer applies.

Third, some of this nonchalance is mere folly. The fools do not know what is dangerous and what is not.

Fourth, some is backseat-driving, envy, and backbiting, where hatred of successful leaders and soldiers from among the sane and decent men drives the Enemy to spit contempt on our victories, by the simple expedient of saying there had never been a real danger to begin with. See, for example, the Cold War, or the Global War on Terror. The moment either conflict ended in victory, the Enemy left off screaming in favor of preemptive surrender, to screaming that the danger had always been nonexistent.

Fifth and finally, since an imaginary woe can never be solved, the power-grab justified in the name of battling it need never cease to balloon, nor need the shovels trenching the public coffers ever be put aside or bent into plowshares.

For example, mandating the use of catalytic converters can solve the problem of air pollution from automobiles. But Global Warming continue to be a menace forever. Likewise, Saint Patrick can drive snakes out of Ireland, for snakes are real; but neither Bellman nor Baker can drive the snarks out of England, for snarks are not. The post of snark-hunter is an endless sinecure.

While cowardice, falsehood, foolishness, envy, and snark-hunting can explain some instances of ignoring clear and present dangers in order to wax hysterical over trifles, it cannot explain all.

For a coward would fear real evils as well as imaginary ones, and a fool would fear neither; and meanwhile the envious backbite away the applause due even those of their own party for any real victories; and stooges continue to clamor and scream about boogiemen where neither they stand to gain neither power nor prestige.

Again, there is a more robust answer, once that explains more and more clearly.

The third puzzle of the Enemy is the addiction to paranoia.

Examples are endless. The theory of the Patriarchy proposed by the feminist is a conspiracy theory.

The belief that an unseen and invisible Patriarchy can somehow keep the majority of women trapped in unhappy and unfulfilled lives, while at the same time the written law, social custom, and corporate culture showers females in the current day with privileges even queen and duchesses in times past never enjoyed, ascribes to the Patriarchy more magic powers than those granted by the Helm of Hades and Sandals of Hermes and the Wand of Circe: an ability to be everywhere, remain unseen, and to turn little boys carefully raised by their mothers into woman-hating beasts.

One would normally assume the mother to have at least some control over the education of her child of either sex. Why, then, has the mother the power to turn all little girls into helpless victims and saints, but not to stop the stoke of the magic wand turning her beloved little boy into a misogynist?

The theory of systematic racism proposed by social justice warriors is likewise a conspiracy theory.

The ability of systemic racism, promoted by army upon unseen army of right-wing Klansmen and libertarian Neo-Nazis to undermine and ruin black lives, and to send hordes of trigger-happy policemen to exterminate them, and yet, again, somehow without the least evidence of any uptick in black deaths, or any change in the statistics showing the rates at which blacks commit crimes, or are victimized by black-on-black crime, ascribes what is basically a magical powers to systematic racism.

The theory here is that the Klan and the Neo-Nazis can undo all the good work of decades of Great Society programs and Affirmative Action and Race-quota hiring and admittance (not to mention celebrated efforts by Hollywood to hire minority actors and actresses for roles once monopolized by white males ) but no member of Klan or the Neo-Nazis ever informs on the other or admits wrong. This theory is shockingly unlikely.

Had al-Qaeda, for example, arranged for the death of George Floyd, Michael Brown, or Trayvon Martin, a spokesman by now would have stepped forward and claimed credit. But so far, neither Richard Spencer, nor the Ghost of Hitler, nor anyone else claims credit, or even voices triumphant boasting.

Likewise, again, it is also a conspiracy theory when Marxists speak of historical inevitability forcing investors (whom Marx calls “capitalists”) to gather all industries into trust and combinations and monopolies, and to drive down the wages of the working man to starvation levels. The Marxist assumes a degree of cooperation between competitive businesses, including international cooperation, which is not only nowhere in evidence, but which is starkly and simply impossible.

For example, it is often said that a conspiracy among investors arranged that women earn twenty cents on the dollar in wages for doing the exact same work under the exact same conditions as a man.

If this were so, a wise entrepreneur, factory manager, or shopkeeper of either sex whose greed outweighed his alleged loyalty to capitalist misogynist bigotry, would hire no one but women by offering them wage rates five cents on the dollar above their current rates. This would attract any female labor on the market, but also allow the shopkeeper to lower prices and raise profits by fifteen cents on the dollar of his overhead. It is a win-win with no downside.

To believe that no shopkeeper or factory manager or business investor dares break ranks with the conspiracy of systematic misogynist bigotry, and that even Silicon Valley big tech, Democrat politicians, and Planned Parenthood cannot and dare not oppose the alleged vast Rightwing Conspiracy keeping women’s wages depressed is to believe in a conspiracy that is invisible and omnipotent.

Feminism, Political Correctness, and Marxism are all conspiracy theories, that is, paranoia as politics.

Now, to believe such a thing is a mere crackpottery, akin to believing the moonlanding was faked or the Royal Family of England to be serpent-people from Alpha Draconis.

A conspiracy theory explanation of the history of the world is all the more odd and ironic when it comes from the political and cultural Left, who have spread their doctrine and their influence through real conspiracies of which there is ample historical attestation. See, for example, the Cold War, or see, to use a more current example, the Russia Hoax, or the murder of Jeffrey Epstein in his jail cell.

And yet again, there are many reasons why paranoia is believed and propagated.

First, a great advantage to attributing the failure of utopia to arrive on schedule to an invisible and persistent conspiracy of wreckers or reactionaries is that it is a non-disprovable theory which explains everything by explaining nothing, and justifies everything.

One the crackpot deceives himself into believing in the invisible witch-king in winged shoes with the magic wand can be everywhere and nowhere at once, the fact that no one has ever seen or photographed him, in the mind of the crackpot, is confirmatory evidence.

Second, against an omnipotent foe, any devilry is justified. The one hundred millions murdered by communism cause the political Left not even a blench, pause, or scruple of hesitation. One cannot make an omelet, so to speak, without a deluge of blood drowning the continents. Spreading lies in newspapers to ruin reputations and careers seems almost innocent by comparison.

A third advantage is catharsis. It has been a part of Marxist theory from the first to assert that a man’s thoughts are programmed into him by the material circumstances of the means of production hence by the self-interests of his economic class, that is to say, all belief opposed to Marxism is subconsciously infused or programmed into the victim without his will, knowledge or consent; likewise, feminists assert all men, merely by fact of being male, are prone to male chauvinism; likewise again, the anti-racist racists of Political Correctness assert that White and only Whites are racist, and Blacks are not, because evil is not a product of individual thought or action: Evil a racial characteristic, determined by skin hue.

In all these cases, the power and reach and pervasiveness of the conspiracy of the conspirators makes it a sick parody of the theological notion of Original Sin. Their conspiracy is an invisible disease afflicting the soul, visible somehow only to them, and untreatable, which somehow only they can treat, and unforgivable, which somehow only they can forgive. All men are guilty of racism, sexism, and class privilege merely by being born.

The Politically Correct version of Original Sin makes all men racist, sexist beneficiaries of class privilege. It makes male hate female, white hate black, and rich hate poor, all without anyone involved in the alleged pandemonium of oppression being in any way aware of it.

Conveniently, the only path to salvation is through utter and absolute devotion to what is a parody of sacramental religion. This cult is where one atones for sin by the sacrifices others (usually the unborn babies of the Negro race) on the altars of political correctness. One must adore and serve the idols of the cult in thought, word, and deed. The strictures of the cult are more precise and exacting that the rules of the Pharisees, except that they change from day to day and hour to hour without notice.

This Original Sin is not absolved through prayer, good works, faith, or the sacrament of confession. It is absolved through rioting and insurrection. Only the shed blood, not of Christ, but of the murdered class-foes and race-foes in a violent world-revolution washes this sin away.

The catharsis for one’s real and unadmitted sins can be had by psychologically substituting this imaginary version of original sin, and using violence to wash it away.

After looting a bank or shooting a cop, the cultist can congratulate himself on his refreshed sinlessness. For those too cowardly to commit crimes of physical violence, social media offers endless opportunity for whispered and anonymous libel to destroy reputation, livelihood, and life.

A fourth advantage is this: The cult paranoia creates a countless mass of brain-zombies, willing, ready, and eager to commit riot and arson at the behest of their masters, or to vote away or surrender liberty, money and adoration to the elite, in contribution and atonement for their various forms of racist, sexist, capitalist, or other make-believe forms of Original Sin.

The benefits are not necessarily material things like power and money. Companies and whole industries motivated by Luciferian philosophy are willing to forego making money in order to fuel their vainglory and signal their virtue, but also to avoid lawsuits by a self appointed cadres of race-baiters and thought-police.

The cult benefits not only the material power of the elite who propagate it, but also imponderables like status and self-esteem.

The elite are con-men luring the greedy and gullible with false promises into a pitfall. They are Morlocks preying on the weakness and mental torpor of an Eloi class of victims, whom they, in effect, consume for their own pleasure.

They are maggots who swarm to the festering wounds of a disease to feed. Of such creatures are our political class, our high-tech plutocrats, our news media, our entertainment industry, our academic institutions, as well as a global bureaucracy openly acting to replace the institutions of a democratic republics.

This raises the question is what causes the disease.

Why do the Eloi volunteer to be consumed?

Indeed, the Eloi eagerness to be invited to the cannibal feast reaches such a degree that they will deny that they are being consumed.

They will, indeed, not just cooperate and volunteer, but will demand that the witch-hunters of wokeness among them surprise the innocent with false accusations of deplorable and incorrigible sex-crimes, hate-crime or thought-crimes, so that life and livelihood can be destroyed by libel.

The wrongly accused members of this cult often will laud and applaud their accusers, offer their show-trail apologies, and snarl and sneer and utter foul-mouthed vulgarities against any honest men brave enough to voice support against the injustice.

That this is cult behavior is clear enough.

So, the fifth and final reason for the cult of paranoia of all forms of political correctness, feminism, and Marxism is this: It sates a spiritual longing.

Political Correctness is not a political movement, but a religious one.

It is a heresy of  Christianity, namely, one where the goals of Christian compassion and the brotherhood of man are retained, but excised is the belief in the God who alone gives a rational justification for the compassion and who alone makes all men brothers by dint of their shared creation at a single hand.

In excising their belief of its Christian roots, the heresy reduces itself to shallow and meaningless sentimentality, self-contradictory and self-defeating. The poor in the Ukraine were not aided by the compassion of Stalin’s Russia, nor were the downtrodden uplifted in Obama’s America.

But the modern world, rejecting God, accepts the nihilist doctrine that souls are mortal and life is meaningless. To find meaning in the vast and cold indifference of a malign, Lovecraftian universe, the modern mind turns inward on itself, telling itself that original sin is caused, not by nature, but by social institutions.

By this logic, burning those institutions to ash will produce, not anarchy, but utopia.

It is a false and silly myth, but it gives the empty hearts and corrupt brains of the willingly deceived hope and purpose.

Now they can murder the unborn, commit grotesque acts of sexual perversion, castrate boys and dress them as girls, and murder tens of millions of the innocent, all in the high calling, cause and service to an imaginary utopia of never-neverland, forever promised, never real.

We have now recited fifteen reasons why the current establishment will promote jabberwocky in the mouth, phantom fears in the heart, and paranoia in the brain.

The jabberwocky is propagated for reasons of deception, chaos, vainglory, humiliation, and idolatry; the phantom fears are propagated for parallel reasons of cravenness, falsehood, foolishness, envy, and snark-hunting; the paranoia is propagated because it is non-disprovable, absolves enormities, is cathartic, aids the Morlocks in their power lust, and aids the Eloi in their frustrated spiritual longings for meaning and purpose in their lives.

These reasons are simply insufficient to explain the core of the matter.

No one would willingly embrace such foolish madness and anti-human silliness, such hatred, such nonsense, such nihilism, without a stronger and deeper cause.

A man has to sell his soul, split his tongue, darken his mind, corrupt his heart, castrate his honor, don the cap and bells of clowncar nihilism, and fill his soul with grisly hatred to join. What is worth the price?

It is not done only for power and influence and applause, for these come only to the elite, who have easier ways to achieve such things.

To say it is done for vainglory, also called virtue-signalling is not a sufficient answer. It only pushes the question back by one step: for this answer raises the question why vainglory rewards this behavior and not the opposite behavior. It raises the question of how and why anyone thinks public display of such humiliating vices as jabberwocky, phantom cowardice, and paranoid insanity now  constitute a signal of virtue. In all prior generations, such things would have been greeted with condemnation, not applause.

What is worth the price of mental darkness and moral degradation? What is worth spiritual destruction?

The answer is obvious enough, once the question is asked in the proper words. What makes it better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven? It is the pride of Lucifer.

When properly ordered, pride is not a sin: it is acknowledging an excellence that one honestly enjoys, or the excellence of a loved one. If it is truthful, pride is not the pride of Lucifer.

The sin of pride is the excess of pride, that is, being proud of an excellence one does not possess in the degree one boasts it to be, or not at all.

A spirit like that of Lucifer will boast himself to be equal to the all-Highest; to have created himself by himself, and owe nothing to his Creator.

So, here.

The pride of Lucifer is flattered when all names are nonsense and words are used in the opposite of their common sense.

To Lucifer, common things are but vulgar. To call decency decent and perversion perverted is to speak only as other men do; but to call perversion an alternate sexual orientation, and to call decency cis-gendered hetero-normative patriarchy not only displays a vainglorious inflation of the vocabulary, and displays one’s credentials to the inner circle of one’s fellow beings among the self-anointed enlightened, it also casts a sneer of cold disdain upon all the maiden aunts, hoary priests, ancient books, and dupes who abide by the traditional moral teaches of all generations and nations.

Likewise, when one calls conservative speech hate-speech, calls colorblindness racist, call words violence and violence self-expression. Peace is war; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.

To Lucifer, it is a given that he is mentally deeper and morally higher than those around him, and therefore any ancient, revered, which earned the respect it owns is contemptible.

Only what is new and novel is worth consideration: the arrow of evolution always points from past to future, from primitive to sophisticated.

So to adopt a new vocabulary, one that reverses the moral implications of words, or reverses ordinary meanings, by mere stint of being new, froward, and opaque, has all the glamor of occult knowledge: it is the secrets known solely to our superiors, the secret kings.

That this procedure of moral inversion of language also involves radical dishonesty is merely an alluring side-benefit. The core of the matter is pride.

Likewise, when the Luciferians can see a danger, for example, from Global Cooling-Warming-Change-Stasis, which for the last four decades has been predicting the end of all life on Earth within twelve years, and mass starvation in India before the year 2000 CE, that is invisible to ordinary men, the Luciferians are like the courtiers of the Emperor who alone can see his fine new clothes.

Everyone who, examining the facts and seeing no starvation in India, and life on Earth continuing unchanged, can be scorned as deniers, too ignorant to worship science, and too morally corrupt to accept the secret truth.

And this is not just cowardice, for the Luciferians are brave to the point of recklessness when it comes to clear and present dangers all men can see, such as, for example, funding and flattering worldwide Jihad, excusing its members, and encouraging its expansion.

But to see a danger all men with the sense God gave a goose can see allows for no boasting, no vaunting, and most of all, no scorn and hatred for one’s neighbors, teachers, leaders, and authorities.

Whereas to have the special insight that moral supremacy alone grants, and wisdom based fashionable opinions among one’s peers, give the pride endless room for self-aggrandizement.

And anyone who questions, asks for evidence, or speaks in a reasonable tone of voice, can be denounced as suffering from a newly-minted mental disorder, Islamophobia.

Again, the dishonesty, moral inversion, and hatred are benevolent side-benefits. Pride is the heart.

Likewise, the ability to see reality as illusion and illusion as reality, applies to the various paranoid conspiracy theories that come and go as fashion changes among the intelligentsia.

The one thing that remains the same as conspiracy theories come and go is that the Luciferians are proud to have found an absurdly simple explanation to all life’s complex questions, so that neither faith nor love nor fealty, justice, mercy, or fairmindedness need ever trouble them.

The simple answer to the question of evil, and all questions of cost and benefit, and all issues of oaths and obligations and moral imperatives that fall into conflict, is merely to deny that they exist.

Instead, the pride of Lucifer identifies a scapegoats, and asserts, without evidence, and clear against all likelihood, that these scapegoats, jointly and severally, one and all, bear blame for all life’s ills. Somehow.

Contemplate how convenient such a theory is.

If the Jews caused Germany to be defeated in World War One, one need never burden one’s head with complex and painful self-examination,  knowledge of German war policy or political theory, knowledge of history, or awareness of the world. If they caused the Great Depression, no study of economics is needed, and no blame need fall on German fiscal policy. Simple.

Likewise, if toxic males are to blame for all one’s woes, or privileged whites, or heterosexuals, or Christians, then all woes can be solved by one simple panacea: smite the evildoers, exterminate them, and the woes they cause will softly and suddenly vanish away like a Baker meeting a Boojam.

According to Luciferian narrative, the scapegoats have no motive other than love of evil, and, indeed, no excellence of any kind in any field. The idea of an honest disagreement or an honorable opponent is impossible within this narrative: all members of the scapegoat group, without exception, are equally guilty of any flaw or failing imagination can invent, including those mutually exclusive with each other.

The scapegoats are not true humans, but merely manikins, motivated by pure and utter wickedness, and their arguments are always offered in bad faith.

No scapegoat is allowed to plead not guilty, and no one is allowed to argue in their defense, because to deny any accusation is considered both a tacit confession of it and a blatant falsehood.

The scapegoat side of any question must never be investigated nor examined, nor can it even be admitted that they have a side. Any exculpatory explanation or justification is dismissed unheard as false and self-serving lies.

If one were fighting a mighty giant, or a skilled black knight, or a bold Viking, the enemy would posses admitted might or skill or boldness and possibly a sense of honor, even if wrongheaded. Negotiations about rules of war would be possible, or military courtesy. The accused, even if evil, could be given his day in court, as is his due.

But this offends the pride of Lucifer, which admits of no excellence outside himself. Nothing is due to any other. Admitting, for example, that a dumber foe is stronger, or a wicked foe is skilled, or a weaker foe is bold, would offend the pride.

This is why adversaries of the Luciferians are always depicted simultaneously as total idiots, but so cunning and devious that they can deceive the world. Pride requires the foe be stupider than oneself, but pride also requires the one be so dazzling in intellect that the sleights of hand which deceive the world are always penetrated by an intellect as sharp as one’s own.

This is why no negotiation is possible with a Luciferian. They neither give nor keep their word, neither apologize nor accept apologies, and desire no peace, no quarter, and no negotiation. They would no more deal with the irredeemable and deplorable creatures such as you, than they would with an illiterate barbarian, a brute beast, or a morbific bacterium.

If any man wishes to know the inner workings of the psychology of such men, we need no particular insight into other men. Look into your own heart. If your sins are like mine, you will see there all the temptations here being discussed.

If one only uses words as other men use them, without a secret meaning known only to the inner circle, what cause for pride is there in that?

If is fears what other men fear, then one shares a sense of judgement no different from that of others.

If one sees the world as it is, as other men see it, and see no secret inner workings, where is the cause for bragging?

What sets one above from the common ruck?

Negotiations are not possible, and the normal fear of punishment will not deter creatures unwilling to acknowledge reality, including the reality of consequences likely to follow their actions.

For that matter, speaking is not possible for men who deliberately foreswear the gift of speech, and call all things by their wrong names.

The illness here is not merely psychological and political, but spiritual. Only humbleness conquers pride, and that only by the grace of heaven. It is not something natural to men that men can do of their own accord, under their own power.

Prayers is needed. Not just the news and the political class, but the schools, the lawcourts, townhall, and all public institutions need a new awakened in the new dedication to Christ.