Dialog on Racial Questions

Let us hear a word from two men concerning the Insurrection. The first is Just Some Guy.

Language warning: Just Some Guy uses just some vulgarities, but this is one of those rare hours when civility won’t do.

The second is Anthony B Logan:

A GoFundMe For David Dorn’s family is available here: https://fundly.com/captain-david-dorn-memorial-fund

My comment:

I note, as a lawyer, that not one slightest scintilla of evidence has so far been uncovered showing any racial bigotry motivating the death of Mr. George Floyd.

There is fairly clear evidence to support a charge of wrongful death, manslaughter, or perhaps even murder in the second degree. It is true that the victim was black, but it also true that he was male, and poor, a drug addict, and had a criminal record.

While it is possible race-hatred of blacks motivated the police officer to act with reckless disregard for Mr. Floyd’s life, or perhaps even with murderous malice aforethought, we have just as much evidence for that as for that theory as for the theory that misanthropic hatred of men, class-based hatred of the poor, prohibitionist hatred of drug addicts, or authoritarian hatred of criminals motivated the accused perpetrator: namely, zero.

In light of this lack of evidence, it is safe to say the riots were and are a fraud from start to finish: insurrection disguised as political protest. They are also dress rehearsal for November, should Mr. Trump be returned to office.

Now is a wise time to buy a firearm and train yourself safely and properly to use it.