Not Tired of Winning Yet CXXIV

Update on Antifastan:

A hand lettered sign is propped atop a sagging foot-high chickenwire fence surrounding a patch one stride across where topsoil has been dumped on grass, the whole ringed by a litter of cardboard.

The sign reads, “This GARDEN is for BLACK and INDIGENOUS folks and their PLANT ALLIES.”

Even the most imaginative science fiction writer penning the most absurd satire or warning tale of a dystopia of self-induced idiocy could not have coined so perfect a phrase as “plant allies.”

The distinction between man and beast was abolished by the Devil when the phrase “animal rights” entered the Orwellian vocabulary of Newspeak. Now the distinction between flora and fauna likewise.

It seems that one of the “homeless persons” (another Newspeak term for the vocation formerly known as “bums” or “tramps”) invited into Autonomous Zone by the rap star warlord — or by whichever anarchist is in charge of the government, or by whatever communist is in charge of the economy — entered the previous un-fenced, free-food and cop-free garden of paradise and despoiled the seedlings propped up (not actually planted) there.

Note that propping up a seedling or shoot on topsoil is a symbolic act only, not something actually calculated by someone with small child’s knowledge of how gardening works to get the plant to grow. Plants needs must be planted to be plants, hence the name.

The category, in the minds of rational creatures, known as “means and ends” or “cause and effect” (that is, doing THIS act to get THAT result) has been replaced in the internal mental chaos of the Luciferians of the Left which serves them in lieu of minds with the category “virtue signalling” or “sacramental gesture.”

It is also to be noted that these enlightened posthumans, so adored and glorified by our elite masters, have reintroduced segregation based on race.

If present trends continue, Trump will win in November in a landslide, taking perhaps thirty or forty percent of the Black vote, thanks to antics such as these.

The spirit of Covfefe moves across the face of the land, brooding like a dove, breaking the invisible chains, and bringing laughter and hope.