Why Am I Not Surprised?

Take this was a grain of salt, since this is not a source I had met before, but …

Last month, Black Lives Matter activists terrorized church attendees in Troy, New York, while chanting “hail Satan.” They even shrieked at black families and young mothers trying to get in the building. Just this week in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a church with a “Black Lives Matter” sign on it was torched by BLM activists. In a video that went viral this week, a mob of white BLM activists shout at a couple at a D.C. restaurant for refusing to raise their fists, with one activist asking the confused victims, “Are you a Christian?”

Now, newly released audio recordings reveal the occult practices, ancestor worship, African paganism, and literal witchcraft of at least one of the national group’s co-founders, as well as the founder of BLM’s Los Angeles chapter.

In the audio, BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors, who boasted in a TV interview of being a “trained Marxist,” revealed that she is also consulting spiritual entities and allowing them to “work through” her. “I’m calling for spirituality to be deeply radical,” she said. “We’re not just having a social justice movement, this is a spiritual movement.”

My comment: These anarchists are not rejecting racism. They embrace racism: they demand each man’s place in society be determined by race and nothing else.

They do not embrace black lives. Burning down black neighborhoods, ruining black owned businesses shows no concern for black lives, nor does killing men like David Dorn during BLM riots. No riots of outrage erupted at the shooting death of children like Davell Gardner Jr., who was in his stroller at a family cookout in the park.

The riots are only held to honor their curious choice in martyrs: violent criminals who are shot while attacking police; addicts who die of drug overdoses.

So what do they reject? Whom do they embrace?

Perhaps we can lift a clue from the National Museum of African American History & Culture who claim that signs of “whiteness” include: Individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority, delayed gratification, punctuality, rational thinking….

I submit that what is being rejected is Christendom and the specific cultural artifacts of Christendom, including the cultural byproducts of specific Christian artifacts, such as church clocktowers, and the belief in individual rights.

Rejecting Christendom requires rejection of Christ.

All the old gods, like feral beasts whose glaring eyes shine unwinking in the tangled shadows of encroaching forest, their red maws waiting, are more than willing to come forth once more and claim their own, once the guardians of heaven, like so many shepherd hounds, have sorrowfully put their shining two-edged swords away, and, with no backward glances, departed on silent wing from an ungrateful earth.

The old gods will come forth again. And these are not the civilized deities of Rome and daemons of Greece, shaped like men, glorious and fair, upholders of oaths and guardians of marriage beds, Vestal goddesses who bless and protect the virgin.

No, these are older, older than the temple prostitutes of Ishtar, older than the castrations of Cybele, older than the red-hot idols of Moloch into whose mouths the babes were fed.