Not Tired of Winning Yet CL

As seems apt for my #150 of the list of campaign promises kept by Trump, and other signs and wonders that flow from his history-mugging presidency:

Judge Amy Coney Barrett took her constitutional oath on Monday at the White House. The Supreme Court said in a press release that Barrett will be able to start her new role after Chief Justice John Roberts administers her judicial oath on Tuesday. Justice Clarence Thomas administered the constitutional oath at Monday’s ceremony.

My comment: I was, at first, quite reluctant to vote for a millionaire playboy whose lifetime loyalty had been to the New York liberal elite.

But, after the Orange Signal was seen shining over the White House against a convenient low hanging cloud, and the Orangemobile heard roaring out of the secret Orangecave, accompanied by an eerie Danny Elfman soundtrack of thundering drums and screaming trumpets, and the supervillains of Cheating Obama and Crooked Hillary and Nancy Antoinette and Sleepy Joe and Pencil Neck and Evita, not to mention their henchmen Fake News, China Virus, Black Lies Marxists and Screaming Wokescold were boffed and bashed and pow’d and sent to Arkham Asylum by a mysterious crime fighter known only as Orange-Man, my fears were soothed.

I am not saying that Donald Trump is Orange-Man. I am just saying it is odd we have never seen the two of them together.

When Trump announced that he would appoint Justices from a list provided by the Heritage Foundation, I would have voted for him just for that, regardless of any other considerations.

For the Dems to object that it is somehow illegitimate to appoint a Supreme Court vacancy during a period where the Constitution mandates such an appointment is not only illogical, it is, when combined with threats of expanding the numbers of Justices in order to curtail the independence of the Judiciary, it is the most rank hypocrisy imaginable.

Trump won my vote, (at that time) against my will and better judgment, because of his promise to appoint conservative, originalist, or textualist judges.

We conservatives have been consistently betrayed by the Supreme Court for nine or ten decades now, and the Supreme Court overreach into legislative matters has been the single worst source of Satanic evil this nation has ever endured. Nor has the recent behavior of Justice Gorsuch amended matters.

And now that, for once, for the first time, there is a small gasp of hope in the smothering of our liberties and way of life, the Dem have lost their minds. More.

Quaff the Leftist Tears with joy. Their wrath is great because their thy know their time is short.

Ben Shapiro comments:

ACB’s speech was amazing. I especially loved when she looked directly into camera, set a copy of Roe v. Wade on fire, and then growled, “Release the kraken.”