Not Tired of Winning Yet CXLIX

One of Joe Biden’s “tells” (as a gambler might say) is his use of the phrase “C’mon”.

Another is his nervous laughter, or shaking his head dismissively. Such smirks is meant to appeal to the viewer, asking the viewer to dismiss the point being discussed without any further ado.

Myself, I do not believe that there are winners or losers at a debate, when there is no jury. In this case, the jury is the body of all legal voters in the Union, plus whatever number of fraud votes the Dems can concoct. The tally will be decided on November 3rd, and as long after as lawsuits and commotion can draw out the process. The point of such antics is to create a plausible shadow of doubt on the legitimacy of the election.

The Dems will riot after their loss, so all should be prepared. The Dems cannot acknowledge or accept a GOP victory, since many of their leaders rightly fear jail time is in their future. Always, always, always before, their simple and unvarying strategies have worked. When they threatened impeachment, Nixon caved, even though there was not then as still is not now any evidence of wrongdoing on his part. When the media blacked out stories in the past, the public merely never heard of them. When rioters and race-hustlers falsely accused the innocent of racism, corporations and individuals backed down, and paid up. When the international community demanded endless money from American taxpayers for NATO, we paid up, and when demanded American compliance to absurdities in the name of environmentalism, we shut down.

They have one and only one arrow in their quiver: they accuse and accuse and accuse, and refuse to answer any questions, or examine any issues, or produce any evidence, or see reason, or seek reason, all under the single on umbrella excuse that their oppositions, being deplorable and racist and sexist and motivated by greed or powerlust or fear of the future, were arguing in bad faith.

This is not a means to win an argument, but to stop an argument before it starts. It is the core of their political philosophy.

And since they themselves apparently are doing the things they accuse others of doing, everything from racism to influence peddling to treason, they are arguing in bad faith themselves, and always have been.

The enemy is not a person nor a group of people. The enemy is a spirit who has tempted its victims to folly, possessed their minds, darkened their intellect, deadened their sense of shame. The enemy is a spirit of shameless, weaponized, politicized hypocrisy.

My dear Leftists! I have but one thing to say which I hope you will take to heart:

C’mon, man!