More Election Fraud Found

Evidence of election tampering.

Bill Whittle says, “I bring you glad tidings of great joy, which shall be to all Conservatives…” and he calls it “a smoking gun” that is, incontrovertible.

Mr. Whittle begins his description of the statistical anomaly at 11.47 into the podcast.

He links to this source, one Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai:

Here, in sum, is the result, if I understand it:

Voting results from each district in Oakland, Macomb and Kent counties in Michigan compared the percent of individual votes for Trump to a straight-ticket GOP vote. This gives a numeric measure of how popular Trump is among Republican voters. (Republican voters meaning voters who voted for one or more downticket candidates for federal, state, or local office.)

This results were plotted against the percentage of Republican votes by county.

The results were these: In Oakland, Macomb and Kent counties, where the percent of Republican voters in the district was below a threshold 20%, Trump was more popular among Republican voters than downticket Republican candidates at the same level, regardless of the number of Republican voters polled.

However, above that threshold, there is a mathematically machine-perfect ratio between the number of votes received for downticket candidates, and the number of votes counted for Biden.

In other words, districts whose voters voted more strongly and consistently for downticket Republican candidates, voted against Trump in the exact ratio of the number of their fellow voter who voted strongly and consistently for the Republican candidate.

In other words, the districts whose average votes were strongly pro-Republican were strongly pro-Biden, and the MORE pro-Republican the voting pattern, the more Pro-Biden votes were cast in the exact ratio.

Thus, if half the voters were pro-Republican, half the Republican votes for Trump would be allotted to Biden; and if a district somehow voted entirely Republican with not a single Democrat vote, then ALL the votes for Trump would be allotted to Biden. But this behavior appears only when the vote count is above 20%, and at no other time.

This was compared against the percentages in Wayne county. In Wayne County, all the districts that were strongly pro-Republican were strongly pro-Trump.

I hope someone will correct me if I misunderstood what Mr. Whittle or Dr. Ayyadurai is arguing.

Quite frankly, I lack the mathematical skill needed to assess the feasibility of the accusation being leveled. However, it is based on public sources, so I presume the math could be confirmed by anyone with skill and patience to do so.

I can comment only that the contour of the numbers adduced adds weight to what common sense already tells anyone with eyes to see:

Namely, that this election was actually a blow-out landslide victory for Trump, stolen by a targeted manipulation of ballot counting in certain crucial swing counties in the battleground states.

The crime was done in the early morning hours after election day, when local officials called an unprecedented and otherwise inexplicable halt to the vote count, sent observers away, and then in the morning, the officials announced that they had received statistically unlikely (if not statistically impossible) homogenous counts of pro-Biden ballots, just enough to offset the result.

When questioned by the Fake News, the election officials who perpetuated this fraud claimed that they had investigated and discovered no evidence that the fraud they had just perpetrated was widespread.

No one is claiming the manipulation had to be widespread, it merely had to be organized well enough to count false ballots where needed, in numbers sufficient to flip the jurisdiction.

Unsurprisingly, the four jurisdictions accused are those whose corrupt vote counting practices are notorious, and have been for years.

As I say, I am mathematically illiterate, and cannot assess how credible or persuasive the statistical analysis is. However, a cursory inspection of what Fake News has to say about Dr. Ayyadurai, shows their typical and unimaginative tactic of strawman and character assassination.

I have yet to see any rebuttal of his actual claim, only attempts to blacken his character so as to forestall any examination of his claim. Past experience suggests this is clear evidence that his claim is valid. No one shoots blanks but he who has no bullets.

I hope the rest of the nation is as weary unto death of the phoniness, the lies, the gaslighting, and the false accusations as am I.