First Hundred Days

Saw this posted in the comments box in a Mark Dice vid by an anonymous commenter with the literal yet singular name of Facts Only, and thought it was too apt not to share.

RECAP of the Biden/Harris administration 

– A pathetic 266,000 jobs created in April. Experts had predicted well over 1 MILLION jobs

– Consumer prices shot up higher in March. Gasoline prices were the biggest contributor to the monthly gain, surging 9.1% in March

– A loss of 70,000 jobs in oil.

– Over 100,000 ‘secondary’ jobs lost in private sector jobs dependent on pipeline jobs

– Ended American ‘energy independence’ that President Trump achieved for the first time in 65 years for the United States.

– 21 states are now suing Biden.

– Illegal migrant invasion on our southern border is already at an ALL TIME HIGH!

– 45 days + since China Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris to oversee the border crisis & invasion & she still has yet to visit

– Created the massive invasion that’s growing daily on our Southern Border now in crisis, with a massive increase in illegal migrants crossing, dismantling Trumps Border security & ‘Stay in Mexico’ Policies

– 600 illegal migrant encounters per day & a staggering 15,000 + in US custody MANY RELEASED WITH COVID – 19 into USA

– Spending $86.9 MILLION of YOUR taxpayer money to house 1200 illegal migrants in hotel rooms at a cost of a staggering $284,000 PER ILLEGAL migrant family of four.

– Gas Prices skyrocketing up 40% (Experts predict OVER $3.50 by summer)

– Massive $2 TRILLION Infrastructure plan is a lie – Under 6 % of Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Plan actually Goes to Roads and Bridges. The rest funds radical leftists ‘America Last’ agenda

– Russia’s Putin mocking Biden & threatening nuclear war & demanding a debate: Biden hides

– Biden falling down steps multiple times on Air Force One

– Continues to refer to Kamal Harris as “President Harris“

– Repeatedly forgets the name of his own cabinet appointees

– Falsely claims new Georgia voting law diminishes voting hours. Liberal Washington Post gave him 4- Pinocchios for that lie

– Antifa (just an idea, right?), continue to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle.

– Biden still has not presented his budget to Congress. Every president before him has on time. The president is required by statute to submit a budget request to Congress by the first Monday in February

– Sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there and one bathroom. But the WH made them cookies

– Created a “progressive” transgender program allowing boys to compete against girls. Destroying Girls sports.

– Created a new federal property mask mandate, which he broke countless times already.

– A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised.

– A complete LIE on the $2000 stimulus check he promised.

– He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin.

– He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine.

– Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid.

– $1.6 billion in gross wages now lost.

And – 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter just breached Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, crossing the Taiwan Strait.

But HEY, at least China Joe Biden hasn’t tweeted mean words.

And, we have a woman Vice President.