Decertification Authority of the State

Can a State Legislature recall the state electors?

This is from Wendy Rogers, who is the conservative Arizona State Senator spearheading the election fraud investigation of Maricopa County. Please share this around before it is censored and removed. 

The following words are hers:

The following is a legal opinion submitted to Sen. Wendy Rogers by attorney Matt DePerno, in response to her question “Can a State Legislature recall the state electors to decertify a national election upon proof of fraud in the election?”

DePerno concludes that “The Answer is ‘Yes.’ […] A legislature’s determination to decertify the votes cast by the electors on demonstration of fraud in the election itself is nothing more than the Legislature’s use of its reserved sovereign powers under the Tenth Amendment to protect those fundamental rights and privileges reserved to the People by the Ninth Amendment.”

Read the full memo here.