Meme of the Day

Just a reminder: all talk of any insurrection, any danger to the Republic, any danger to life and limb during the mostly peaceful protest on January 6th is a hoax, brought to you by the same folks who brought you the 2020 Election Hoax, Russian Collusion Hoax, the First Impeachment Hoax, the Second Impeachment Hoax, the “Fine People” Hoax, the “No Wu Han Lab” Hoax, the Lafayette Park Gas Hoax, the George Floyd Hoax, the Jussie Smollett Hoax, the Covington Catholic Kids Hoax, the Trayvon Martin Hoax, countless variations on the Systemic Racism Hoax, not to mention the Global Warming Hoax,  the Silent Spring Hoax, the Kinsey Report Hoax. It is an unbroken pattern going all the way back to Walter Duranty reporting that there is no famine in Ukraine.

Everything reported by the media in all these cases is a fraud. Not every word was literally false, for the wise fraudster knows to mingle enough truth amid half-truths and lies to create the illusion of verisimilitude: but every truth was inserted carefully among the exaggerations, misleading statements, omissions, and blatant lies to create the maximum chance of successful deception. Such incidental facts are point of the fraud.

A word to the wise is as good as a volume. My wife was there at the gathering, before the Capitol Building, to show support for halting the voter fraud. She walked around the spoke with police. There was no sign of violence in eyeshot. None of the police seemed nervous, or even alert, as one might expect if an attempt to overthrow the government was ongoing.

Some people were serious, and some were happy, but, from her position outside the building, there was no evidence of any disturbance. No one was asked to clear the area.

No police officers, senators, congressmen or staff, died either by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, or for any other reason.

There was one death: a blatant act of murder by a capitol police officer acting outside his authority, gunning down an innocent and unarmed woman, Ashli Babbitt, who posed no threat to life or limb to any person, and who was not given a warning nor a chance to surrender.

The murderer has since appeared on national television, being fed questions and answers by a very genial interviewer, who had to prompt the man to claim to be a victim of racist slurs.

The claim is false, of course.  It takes a particular sort of barbarism, more craven than what real a barbarian would be, to claim to be a victim of being called names while the blood of your murder victim is still dripping from your hands, still warm in the mouths of the news media establishment licking it up, smirking and cackling.

The shooting was recorded on video, in front of eyewitnesses. The murderer is not being charged. Everything the media reported about this case is a fraud.

Meanwhile Derek Chauvin, who performed an arrest according to proper and lawful police procedure, is incarcerated for the death of the suspect, who died of a drug overdose.  Everything the media reported about this case is a fraud.

Meanwhile Nicholas Reardon, who saved lives by gunning down a knife-wielding maniac in an act that was heroic, not to mention displayed expert marksmanship, is still under investigation. Everything the media reported about this case, and many, many others, is a fraud.

Do you think an establishment willing to conspire with foreign agents and commit perjury under oath to a FISA Court in a treasonous abuse of power to unseat a duly elected president would tell the truth to you?