What if Rittenhouse were Black?

The servants of the Enemy are smirking and sneering, and asking rhetorically what would happened to young Mr. Rittenhouse had he been Black. They do not ask what would have happened had he been guilty.

While of obvious counterexamples of O.J. Simpson, Timothy Simpkin, Kenneth Walker, Andrew Coffey suggest themselves, the real answer cannot be understood by the Enemy nor anyone of his camp.

Christians side with the brightly innocent soul defending his life, limb, and livelihood against the mob of evildoers drunk on hate, whose souls burn with darkness. It is light versus dark: that is the only hue seen to those who walk by faith, not by sight.

How dark? The Enemy reserves praise only for those deep, rich, and practiced in vice and violence.

The words below I present as written, without comment. I make no comment as to authenticity or source. The name is withheld.


I’m not going to talk about the Rittenhouse Case verdict or my opinion on it, but instead I wanna reflect on the insane amount of people praising Rosenbaum, including celebrities.
In the Early 2000s, my younger brother was sexually abused with I think about a dozen other kids by Rosenbaum. The court cases are sealed because they/we were minors so I won’t be providing the names of any of them or the exact charges. He and every other victim deserves privacy. We already had batshit crazy conservatives try to unseal the case so they could tout around the victims stories as a “gotcha” moment.
Anyways, the fucker plead out of like 11 counts of child rape (there were more accusations, they just never made it to court) and only got like 10 years (ended up only being 8). My brother and I are late 20s/Early 30s now and he has mostly moved on but up until he was 14 he would cry almost every night and ask to sleep In the same bed as me or my sister or mom. I can only imagine what the other victims are going through.
Now, somehow he made his way to Kenosha and was shot dead. Whatever. Couldn’t care less. Also couldn’t care less about the trial or the verdict of Kyle.
What gets me is all these fucking celebrities calling him cutesy fucking nicknames and talking like him like he was such a great human being. “RIP Joseph” “Such a kind soul” “He didn’t deserve this” Pedro Pascal is a good actor but somehow saw fit to call this POS a Hero.
What finally made me lose it was Mark Ruffalo’s “RIP JoJo” What the whole fuck? Literally petnaming him. I’m so fucking angry. This man was a terror who deserved hell 20 years ago and major celebrities are making him to be a Martyr.
My brother is acting like he’s ok through this whole thing and he has been on a media blackout. I on the other hand have been listening since day one and am so sick of people defending a pedophile. I’m so goddamned disappointed in our politicians and celebrities and athletes who all have acted like he was a hero.
Had to get that off my chest, Thanks