Why Do They Hate Us?

Currently, the socialist plutocrats inspired by idiot intellectuals and funding news media, social media, as well as the servants amid the Deep State and Donor Class, whose servants, in turn, our are political figures, form an Establishment deeply and thoroughly devoted to racism in a fashion not seen since Nazi Germany.

As befits Gnostics and Nephelococcygians and other inhibitors of the Looking Glass Land, these men with their heads screwed on assbackward do the very deeds they accuse in others; and voice the accusations with such piercing, reckless, irrational hate, that it is a wonder to behold. Sane men silently back away, looking for some handy stick to club them back once they turn violent — as they always eventually do.

It is a wonder, for it is self-hatred they express.

All political discussions now are merely racist proclamations of the unremitting evil of the Caucasian and all his works and all his ways and the unalloyed goodness of non-Caucasians, whose works and images and names have been thoroughly scrubbed from every commercial project and item of popular entertainment.

The American Indian, for example, once ubiquitous on television and in theaters, and even at Boy Scout meetings, has been air-brushed out of American life as entirely as a figure from Orwell’s dystopia being “unpersonned.” Chinamen or Bedouin, Aztec or Zulu or Maori have also vanished, except when dressed in Western coat and tie, and speaking the Queen’s English.

The appalling racism of the Enemy applauds racism in the name of fighting racism. Anyone who opposes racism, by this logic, is racist. Whereas the racist supporting racism is not racist, because, as said before, the accusation only ever goes one way.

Now, as befits Gnostics, for whom God is Devil and evil is good, truth is a lie, and words have no meaning, only utility. So the word “racism” no long means race hatred. Racism means racism plus power.  Except the racism part is not needed: merely the fact that some men have more power and others less is sufficient, by this definition, to prove racism. In other words, it only means society has a hierarchy.

Whether the hierarchy is by birth, as in a monarchy, or by merit, as in a democracy, means nothing. The Enemy calls whoever has power  racist.

But justice requires giving each man what he deserves. The industrious earns more than the idle. The law-abiding wins respect and the crooks win jail-time. The studious learns more than the stupid.

To be sure, all hierarchy contain an element of injustice, for every elite is tempted to abuse their power to maintain their power; but, likewise, to abolish all hierarchy in the name of utopia is to abolish all justice, because it gives the rewards of the industrious, the law-abiding, and the studious to the idle, the crooked, and the stupid.

By this definition, the mere fact that some are rich and powerful make them racist, and anyone who supports laws and traditions and social systems which allow the elite to emerge, are ergo systematically racist.

Again, as befits the men of Cloudcuckooland, who are starkly and utterly insane, the Establishment redefines “racism” to mean elitism, for all elites are evil. But they, themselves, are the elite, and are elitists.

They say the system is systemically racist; but they run the system.

To cure the racist evil of power inequality, they propose to make the elite all-powerful. To cure the racist evil of wealth inequality, they propose expropriation of all wealth into their hands.

They have literally called for the middle class and the poor to own nothing and be happy and to die and decrease the surplus population. Their energy policy will return the poor to burning wood for heat, and their depopulation policy mandates an injection that induces stillbirth in the unborn and blot clots in the elderly.

The poor and dispossessed will be decimated, starting with the blacks. The movement to defund police, organize riots, drive businesses out of black neighborhoods, and abort black babies is likewise a population control measure meant to commit a slow genocide. All in the name of antiracism, mind you.

Your see, the lunatics of Looking Glass Land rarely speak openly against the poor and middle class. It would not poll well with focus groups to tell people that their fate is to be slavery, poverty, humiliation, the torture chamber and the death camp.

So all the Empire  of Lies need do is accuse and accuse and accuse Western Civilization of being imperfect: the freedom and equality known in no other land or generation save where the Gospel is triumphant, is denounced as systematically racist and genocidal. True equality, so we are old, consists of race-quotas, diversity-hires, and segregation.

The Old Jim Crow laws are bad because they separated the blacks from the whites. The New Jim Crow laws are good, on the other hand, because they separate the whites from the blacks.

The appalling racism of the Enemy forbids what it call cultural appropriation, so that neither tacos can be eaten nor Chinese silks worn, but also forbids any depiction by whites of non-whites in film or print.

This differs from the burning of Jewish books by Nazis in the 1930s only in that it is less honest. By removing the Washington Redskins and the emblem of Land O’ Lakes Butter (an image drawn by a Red Indian, mind you), the minorities are abolished from public view in the name of protecting them. The result, please note, is the same.

Likewise, by allowing no comic book artist not himself an Apache to draw Apache Chief, or Longshadow or Thunderbird or Wyatt Wingfoot, all in the name of increasing the representation minorities, representation is deterred and abolished.

One black artist complains that there is no work for him, whenever there is no call for Storm or Luke Cage or Black Panther or Falcon or War Machine or Miles Morales to be drawn: other characters, he is not asked to draw, and there is no work for him, because of his skin hue.

The one loophole to increase minority representation is to replace long-established characters and franchises with diversity-hire versions, as if the customer loyalty to the character will follow the name and copyrighted trademarks, rather than the things the customer likes.

Merely calling a group of unfunny women the Ghostbuster, for example, and having them don the dress and gear of their predecessors, will not make them funny. Handing Rey his lightsaber will not make her Luke, nor will Miles Morales ever be Spiderman without suffering what Peter Parker did.

But the point of this loophole is to make representation into replacement demographics. It is a zero sum game where every black replacing a white is a loss for team white; but any white who speaks up for his team, and has an amer-anime character from LAST AIRBENDER played by a blond guy, is denounced as a racist. The accusation only ever goes one way.

In a zero sum game, every loss for them is a gain for you, and your loss is their gain, then peaceful coexistence is impossible. That is the point.

Of course, if they actually wanted any of these things, they would support those laws and institutions under which the poor and downtrodden suffer the least, and have the best hope of bettering themselves: they would support a colorblind society where each man is judged on his merits, on the content of his character, not the color of his skin. But they call colorblindness racist.

Likewise, they would support the free market, as no other human institution is more likely to life the working poor out of poverty. But they denounce capitalism.

Likewise, they would support equal rights for women, both here and abroad, and denounce those cults, those cultures, those religions, and those civilization which reduce women to chattel servitude, dishonor motherhood, deter virginity, undermine monogamy. Instead, in the name of fighting the patriarchy, they promote aborticide and defend rapists both large and small, from pederasts who assault children to politicians who rape staffers. They glamorize fornication and wonder why the suicide rate among women rises. Finally, in the name of gender ideology, womanhood itself is abolished, and a man in a dress wins gold medals at weightlifting and wrestling in the women’s division.

But they mean nothing that they say, not a word, not a syllable, not a comma, not the jot above the smallcase iota.

Or perhaps, in some twisted psychological sense, they mean it in the sense that they feel a strange sense of relief when they speak nonsense: but the words are selected for their connotations only. They have no denotation. They mean nothing.

They coin a term like “cisgender” to try to graft a negative connotation to something non-perverted and normal. Or they put the modifier “social” in front of a word to make it mean the opposite of reality, as when “social justice” means what sane people call injustice. But such words get used up quickly, and new jabberwocky must quickly be invented. None of them have meaning in the sense of depicting an idea. It is just noise.

And the noise varies between soft, sniveling sneers and full-throated yowls of vulgar malice, barking like dogs and screaming helplessly at the sky.  It is a sound of hate and more hate.

But why?

Why such hatred? And why hate Europeans? We invented written music, perspectival drawing, the stirrup, the clocktower, the culverin, the flying buttress, the flying machine, the ramjet, and the moonshot. Not to mention the Magna Carta, trial by jury, or double-entry bookkeeping. We hardly hid these innovations or kept them to ourselves.

The European races are now predominant in world affairs, and have been since the battle of Lepanto turned the tide in the millennium long war between Christendom and Dar-el-Islam. Even the Chinese, that most ancient and aloof of peoples, currently follow ideals taken from Marx, a Westerner, not Confucius, whose ideals were considerably wiser.

But it is European civilization the Enemy hates — but not all parts, not all aspects — only the parts unique to us.

What makes us unique? What prompted all the innovations listed above? Was it some happenstance of geography, a blessing in navigable rivers, resistance to germs, a racial ability to absorb Vitamin D from milk?

But the geography of Europe was present in more ancient times, when Persian, Chinese, Hindu and Egyptian cities enjoyed advancements in art and architecture, writing laws and rearing monuments, while England and Germany were the haunts of Neolithic tribesmen, and Greece was but a savage waste of roving pirate bands and hilltop forts. The rivers and resources in those days were the same.

In later periods, Europe flourished, but not so much as to claim world hegemony. The glories of Imperial Rome at her height did not so far outshine the glories the Chinese emperors as to render the comparison unclear, nor the cruelty and inhumanities either.

The brilliance of Virgil is bright, but does not outshine Vyasa. De Rerum Natura is both wide and deep, considered either as poetry or philosophy; but not more profound than the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna hears wisdom from the gods, where Lucretius dismisses them.

Europe knew greatness under Caesar, but not in excess of what other great civilizations had achieved. The Romans had polytheism and chattel slavery, and tolerated sodomy and pederasty, dabbled with the central control, currency devaluation, bread and circuses policies very much like what the moderns seek. The more progressive moderns seek to mimic earlier periods, namely, the inhuman regulation of the Spartans, communist living, zero economic growth, helotry, and the practice of dropping unwanted infants into the pit called Apothetae.

Nothing in European tradition, law or custom in the times before Christ ignites the ire of the Politically Correct.

The thing that sets European civilization apart from classical antiquity as well as from Precolumbian, Oriental, North African and Near Eastern civilizations is not slavery and war and conquest. All civilizations wrought such things. Nor are accomplishments like written language, poetry, law, calendars, astronomy, canals or fortifications, ironworking or social hierarchy in any sense unique to Europe.

No, the things that the Enemy hates they announce with no fear of contradiction, and no awareness of what it reveals about themselves.

They hate monogamy and monotheism, rule of law and free markets, and, in short, every reform that sprang out of the impregnating Greek philosophy with Jewish morality in the matrix of Roman law: the idea that all men are children of God, hence equal in spiritual and ethical terms, no matter how unequal in worldly terms.

They hate Christ.

That is all there is to it. And, being born in the same image and likeness from the same Father of whom Christ is Son, of course they hate themselves.

A man who hates himself, hates seeing innocent children. Pederasty and abortion results.

And hating children means hating the things nature provides us to provide for children, such as marriage, and the division of labor into male and female spheres, and customs surrounding courtship and mating.

Those things which support and encourage marriage also must be hated: chastity, virginity, motherhood, monogamy, and sacred and inviolable nature of the nuptial bonds, the exclusive nature of the joys of the nuptial bed, not to be poached and desecrated by those unwilling to vow lifelong fidelity.

And so anything that demeans those joys, such as vulgarity, pornography, prostitution, sodomy, sexual abnormality, gender dysphoria, becomes sacred in hate to the enemy, even as erotic joy is sacred in love to the Christian.

Nothing the Enemy says makes sense, because they speak in an invented language of politically correct jabberwocky George Orwell called Newspeak.

Nothing they want makes sense, since all they want is the Two Minute Hate extended to fill the twenty four hour news cycle.

None of their political policies make sense, since most or all either accomplish nothing, or are directly counterproductive of their stated goals.

Their ethical claims and philosophy are studies in self-contradiction: a statement that there is no truth, if true, is false. Calling all men hypocrites is hypocritical, or saying we are all irrational is irrational. But this is the only philosophy they offer: materialistic mysticism, or stark nihilism. Invent your own universe in the padded cell of your own mind. Thou art God.

Nor do they seem motivated by understandable human sins like greed and power lust. Many of their actions undermine their own political power or expend fortunes fruitlessly.

But all this hellish madness makes sense once it is seen as literally hellish.

Step by step, the dark psychological forces that drive the godless away from all the good things heaven’s grace provides, from virtue, to good fellowship, to human sympathy, to human understanding, to humility, to civility, to self-control, to worldly blessings, to happy family life, to simple courtesy, cause these good things to perish or pass into exile, as the godless find they must abandon them, one after another, in order to maintain their delusion.

These losses demand a man walking the godless road ever deeper into darkness stop, and find himself, and come to his wits again, and return to where he went astray, and turn again.

To avoid hearing that demand, the stubborn heart must smother conscience, dim wit, deafen ear, and depart from the gifts of speech and reason God granted Adam on the world’s first day. Speech becomes a weapon of propaganda. Reason becomes their bane.

And so they are reduced to what you see now.

How can they be saved from the wrath to come? I do not think it possible, but I know all things are possible with God.

Let us begin by praying for them. Prayer may perhaps help the lost, but it most surely will help us.