Signal Boosting the Alliance Defending Freedom

One of the sponsors of Babylon Bee, my favorite satire channels, the Alliance Defending Freedom. They are circulating a petition, which I would like to bring to my readers’ kind attention.

This nurse practitioner’s story deserves to go viral as a devastating example of what will continue to happen if we don’t draw the line for religious freedom.

That’s why we’re suing CVS.

Paige Casey is a young Catholic nurse practitioner. For years, she faithfully served her community, working as a nurse practitioner at a local CVS MinuteClinic in Virginia.

When she was hired, she made her employer aware that her religious beliefs prevented her from prescribing or dispensing abortion-inducing drugs.

CVS accommodated her religious conviction for three-and-a-half years and didn’t require her to administer any life-ending drugs.

But then in 2022, they told Paige they would no longer respect her religious freedom. A few months later, she was fired-just two days after earning a performance-based raise.

This is blatant religious discrimination, and according to Virginia law – it’s illegal.