The Book of Dreams was Utterly Forbidden, Fragment I: Visions of Fire and Ice

The Book of Dreams was Utterly Forbidden is now posted.

One of Three.

The source of this tale cannot be identified. The Lords of the Eschaton deny it is one of theirs, despite evidence of time anomaly. Voices of Deep Heaven return ambiguous answers, despite the hints in a second fragment that the immortal being addressed is Sulvus himself. The Primordials deny any chains of causation lead from the codex back to their nameless Unity.

Intercessors speaking for the Great Race dismiss the text as fraud, despite the unusual circumstances of its discovery. The Watchers decree the manuscript to be anathema, and charge that only those devout and grave, firm in conviction and surpassing the sixth order of mental discipline, be granted access.

Envoys sent to the Dark Tower with questions did not return.