Mama Bear and the Ballot Box

Let us ponder if there is an argument to repeal women’s suffrage.

The basic argument is that so many women are feminine in spirit that, on the whole, women voters feminize the government while masculinizing themselves: which is an outcome whose drawbacks outweigh the benefit of female civic independence from their menfolk.

Hence, suffrage for women it turns government into a nanny state, and turns women into ersatz men.

The female spirit is naturally obedient to masculine authority, and they do not care for, and do not understand, points of honor, written rules, unspoken obligations, or being too proud to accept charity. When a woman is not wed, she turns the government into her bridegroom and master, and seeks for him to support her, hold the door for her, and buy her dinner. Women vote for this … and government expands beyond its proper role.

Independence is not in the female nature: they do not even go to the powder room alone. They act in groups and seek consensus. Female spirits naturally neither lead nor follow: they nurture.

The feminine find it against their nature to give orders: they drop hints. Mothers naturally prefer for children to volunteer to do the right thing; wives want husbands to do chores without being told.

Men naturally ask an underling if he understands the command “do you copy?” and the only proper response is “negative, please advise” or “aye, aye, sir!”

Mothers naturally ask if a child understands why the command needs doing, and wants him to feel cheerful about doing it: she wants voluntary agreement. “It would be nice if the trash were emptied — the trash and not the recycling. And who used my nice rag for wiping the garage floor? This is the same nice rag I have had for years. It is only used for the kitchen floor.” And so on. There is no giving and receiving of commands.

Men do not give a tinker’s damn about voluntary or involuntary: men want the task done, each man on the team to do his task as assigned, no back-talk.

The female spirit wants government to be nanny and nursemaid.

Government, on the other hand, when kept to its proper size and mission, is a night watchman and a commander in chief of militia. Government, when properly ordered, is a posse or militia levy organized well enough to fight a war, erect a fortress or shipyard, or maintain a post-road, and punish merchants who cheat their customers.

The government is not your father, not your family, not a church-charity, not a soup kitchen, not a teacher, not a preacher.

The government avenges injuries to maintain the public peace: it is men’s work. It is nothing but men’s work.

Government is using violence to stop violence. Women do not know nor understand this principle. Women only want to use violence to spank children or to kill prisoners who might threaten their children.

What is rare, or perhaps impossible, for women to do is grant an enemy who dropped his sword a moment of quarter to pick it up again. The female spirit does not understand that a foe overcome by dishonest means is only half overcome. When Lee surrendered to the Union, he wore his sword. He was not hanged. The female mind does not grasp this: the female mind dismisses chivalry as impractical masculine foolishness and pride.

The female spirit is naturally inclined to vote largesse from the public coffers, and this is death to a constitutional republic.

Now, let us admit that there are women, many of them, able to mimic a masculine spirit, and suppress their natural feminine spirit, perhaps permanently.

Such women do not turn into men, they turn into bitches and witches. See Nancy Pelosi for an example.

Masculinized men turn nasty, because the modest, coy, softness and sweetness of the maiden, the gentle sternness of the mother, the loving wisdom of the granny, all these are at odds with independence, self-will, masculine forthrightness, masculine pride, masculine honor.

Independence is a warlike trait, not a domestic trait.

Independence is the spirit of rebellion against unjust authority. It is the spirit of the hermit, the mad genius, the innovative poet. It is not the spirit of lovers, of childrearing, or home making, of community.

Women indeed are able to reject the feminine spirit. They have free will: They can adopt fighting attitudes and warlike aggressive and competitive courage.

What they cannot adopt is chivalry toward enemies. Compassion, yes; chivalry, no.

But voting in a democracy is based on chivalry: it is the agreement to abide by the decision of the wrong when their party is in the majority, in return for the confidence that they would do the same if you were in the majority. Voting treats the other party as adversaries, not enemies.

The feminine spirit is the spirit of the mother bear protecting her cubs. She only uses violence to kill and destroy, nor to deter and not to make friends and not to settle an argument.

The idea of fighting a scuffle or a schoolyard fight, exchanging black eyes and bleeding lips, and then being friends, is alien to the feminine spirit.

Armistice is also a masculine trope. Guerilla warfare, where no one surrenders even after the standing army can no longer take the field, is a feminine trope. It is sniping from a distance and hiding in the woods. It is not toeing the line and exchanging open blows to the face, each waiting his turn.

To the female spirit, the adversaries are evil. The Democrat party is currently occupied by the female spirit. They think cheating is perfectly practical way to win. We cannot let Trump get power, can we? Mama bear is convinced Orange Man might hurt the children, by denying the little ones gender-affirming care.

Women can gain the vote by rejecting the female spirit. The exchange does more harm than good. Female voters create the Democrat party, with all its bleeding hearts and empty heads, its hysteria, and its cheating. Women’s tears are her most powerful weapon: they feel no shame in playing the victim.

I submit that the politics of victimization would have no power in any nation where the female spirit had not occupied the townhall.

Such is the argument against female suffrage.