Old and New

A reader with the josephite yet binary name of Joe Part II comments: “There’s still a residual belief in Conservative and Libertarian circles that Government Bad, but Business Good. That the two are implacable enemies, irreconcilable. That private industry can do no wrong, and government can do no right.”

My comment:

GK Chesterton once quipped that the world was divided into Progressives and Conservatives: the business of the Progressive was to go on inventing new mistakes, but the business of the Conservative was to prevent old mistakes from being corrected.

I am old enough to remember — between seven and fourteen years — when the Left mistrusted Big Business and the Right mistrusted Big Government, the Left backed Labor and the Right backed Management.

They formed the two factions GK Chesterton calls Hudge and Gudge, also knowns as Mammon and Caesar, or Big Money and Big Power.

Almost too quickly to see, fourteen years ago, the Democrats shifted from Old Dem to New Dem. Old Dem are pro-Free Speech, pro-Jew, anti-Racism, Sexual Revolution, anti-CIA, anti-military. New Dem are pro-Censorship, anti-Jew, pro-Racism, Gender Ideology, pro-CIA (but only when the CIA is abusing their power) pro-military (but only the military are abusing their power). Basically, Old Dem are Liberals aka Meathead on ALL IN THE FAMILY, whereas New Dem are Fascists.

The Old Dem would have been on the side of the young female protestor demanding votes be counted fairly; the New Dem side with the cop who, without warning, under color of no law, shot the young female protestor in the neck. The New Dem side with the fascist police who arrest the mother of the dead protestor for daring to complain about her daughter’s murder in public. The New Dem believe in total loyalty to the Fatherland, and that any dissent or question is a Threat To Our Democracy. Political opposition is illegal, and rivals are arrested and jailed. It was Obama who normalized jailing critics of his reign — see the Dinesh D’Souza case for details.

For the record, Mussolini, the man who coined the term “fascism” described it as “a merger of state and corporate power” into one party: plutocratic socialism. “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”.

Without a blush, without an explanation, and in a single moment of time, the Old Dem went from rioting against the so-called One Percent and the plutocracy of central banks, to New Dem circling the wagons to protect the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, Soros, Davos, and all forms of One Percenter from any criticism, now that Blackrock and Vanguard and the investment bloc and donor class were fully “Woke” and fully devoted to plutocratic rule by satanist pedophiles. The New Dem back Disney, Amazon, social media giants, and on and on. Billionaires are their new gods.

About seven years ago, the Right underwent a similar seismic shift. Old Right were uniparty, offering token opposition only, and favoring endless foreign adventures: Mitt Romney, Bill Barr, the Bush Dynasty, and so on. New Right are Populist: pro-peace and pro-military, pro-Wall, pro-energy, pro-prosperity, pro-gun, pro-free speech, colorblind to race. New Right is nationalist, mistrusts the UN and NGOs and international banks and consortiums. Old Right was Free Trade, whereas New Right is Protectionist. A large section is also pro-family and anti-pervert, albeit Trump and other “Big Tent” republicans welcome sodomites and other sexual deviants into the party. New Right are the anti-fascists who trust neither Big Money nor Big Power, and do not want to see America replaced by Satanistan.

The old axis was Big Money and Big Power against each other. The new axis is Big Money and Power together into Big Fascism against the rest of us: against America, against Western Civilization, against truth, beauty, virtue and reality itself, against Christ.