Secular Fundamentalism

Here is the latest from the interview Archbishop Cordileone gave recently on LifeSiteNews. This is in regard to the most recent public display of christhate put on by the LA Dodgers.

“They are celebrating this blatant anti- Catholic bigotry–and anti-Christian because they are not only mocking nuns, they are blaspheming Our Lord…This a blatant attack on all true Christian believers…I hope the alarm bells are going off in the minds of our people they see how serious this situation is. We cannot afford to be complacent any more.”

The Archbishop’s closes with this thought:

“Secularism is its own form of religion, it’s a fundamentalist religion, they won’t allow conversations about topics when people disagree–look what is happening on elite universities such as Stanford, Yale [where speakers are shouted down]….that shows you it’s a fundamentalist religion because it brokers no dissent..They have their infallible dogmas, they have their sacraments, they have their saints, they have their rituals, they have their Index of Forbidden Books and they brook no dissent.”

He adds:

“So we are heading into a time of despite their rhetoric very severe intolerance. We have to keep faith and reason alive–not just faith but reason as well reason is going by the wayside…we need to keep both alive. We know cannot comprehend the truth without faith and reason both. They have to work together….we need to keep both faith and reason alive.”

My comment: in my youth, the men of logic and reason were one on side, and men of emotion and compassion were on the other.  The compassionate were filled with the milk of human kindness, often to excess. Reason was supposed to be on the side of science, and emotion to be on the side of religion.

Then, as time passed, the men of emotion became emotional about science, because they saw it as a useful stick to beat religion, their enemy. Meanwhile, real science, any trace of disciplined thought or scientific rigor or basic honesty departed from the scientific community by slow degrees, starting with the soft sciences.

A man who lands space-robots on moving comets is forced into commie self-accusation session because he wore a lurid shirt. Climate change turns into a death cult. Plague-mongering becomes big business. Biology no longer recognizes sexual differences in multicellular organisms. A is non-A.

Meanwhile, in the arts and popular entertainment, AI are better able to paint and compose and write prose with more wit and human emotion than any human can manage, because no human is allowed to portray any honest human emotion, certainly not emotions related to virtue, romance, honor, or faith. The only emotion imaginable to the Woke is hate, and the hate is all directed at the father-figures in society, current leaders or civilized races, enlightened religions, or ancestral heroes. In other words, the hate is all entirely self-directed, against the men to whom the hater owes all he has, and on whom he is entirely dependent for his life and happiness. It is a rebellion against reality. A is non A.

The metamorphosis is now complete. The Woke reject not only emotion and reason, but also faith and science. There is nothing left. There is no virtue, no honesty, no civilized standard to which they adhere. Even their buzzwords of tolerance and inclusion refer only to members of their own tribe or cult or gang.

Political rivals and now jailed. Groomers seek control of your children, whereas parents are now terrorists, as are traditional Catholics.

No philosophy can justify this, and none is attempted. All things have been deconstructed.

In the same way the old dichotomy of Big Business versus Big Government collapsed into a new dichotomy of Fascism, which is the combination of state power and corporate power, against Populism — just so has the old dichotomy of Reason versus Faith, the so-called war of Science versus Religion, collapsed into a new dichotomy of Reality, which include reason and faith, versus Nihilism, which embraces nothing, means nothing, and promises nothing.

The nihilist does not want to live: he wants you to die. See the openly Satanic drag queens adored by national ball teams for details.