Fourfold Path of Hypocrisy

Some observe the works and hear the words of the men serving the Enemy on Earth, and opine the Left have no principles or goals, but merely want power for its own sake. The source and summit of Leftism, its telos, is powerlust.

It is a reasonable argument, but I respectfully disagree.

If the Left wanted power in America, they would drop Critical Transgender Ideology, as this alone is unpopular enough to provoke hostile and prolonged resentment — see the Bud Lite debacle for an example. If the Left wanted power, they would stick to the Global Warming Hoax, which is an effective excuse to centralize invasive and arbitrary control over all aspects of human life, with no discernable drawbacks.

I respectfully suggest that the Left, like us, wish for the basic things all men wish for. The basic needs of Man can be seen in the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer: (1) daily bread, that is, subsistence (2) forgiveness (3) salvation. All these follow from a petition for (4) glorification.

Glorification here means (a) magnification of honors paid to one’s god, (b) the realization of divine goals, and (c) the triumph on earth of the heavenly ideal.

However, they are inverted men. Their political economics, their ethics, their soteriology, and their theology are all reversed.

They are upside-down men, with their heads buried in the soil and their feet in the cloud, so that they can neither see these goals nor take stride toward them.

Because they are inverted, all they do is counter-productive, and their words are always opposite their deeds.

And, of course, the god they glorify is found in the mirror, or in the bright mists of feckless futurity or the burning smogs of hell.

This therefore defines their goal and means: Leftist crave falsification of thoughts and words, and the divorce of actions from results. Their aim is to abolish reality, their tool to do so is self-deception.

Hypocrisy, not power, is the ultimate aim.

Like us, they desire sustenance, forgiveness, salvation, and the glorification of the object of their worship. In each case, the means selected are self-defeating.

Seeking basic needs to be met, seeking prosperity and weal for man, Marxism is the means used.

Forgiveness is not sought. Instead, Virtue-signaling dulls awareness of sin, and Political Correctness uses Orwellian word-games to shift blame to others.

Salvation from the world’s woe comes not from the blood of Christ, but the bloodshed of world revolution, as hope is not in a divine paradise in heaven, but a manmade utopia on earth.

Critical Race Theory, Intersectional Feminism, Gender Theory, and Colonial Resentment Theory are four aspects of utopian plans to undermine truth and replace it with goodthink. This is made possible by metaphysical Nihilism, the belief that reality does not really exist.

The Cultural of Death glorifies their blind and backward god of raging narcissism, for the vulgarization, desecration, and destruction of all things fair and hale, retaliation against all life, is central to their cult. Their seven sacraments are abortion, fornication, sodomy, pederasty, castration, vulgarity, and blasphemy.

They hate you and everything you hold dear as vampires hate the sun.

Hence the Left includes anyone who embraces the fourfold worldview of Marxism, Political Correctness, Nihilism, and the Culture of Death.

Note that “Left” and “Leftism” are woefully inadequate names for these cultists. That term comes from the Enlightenment, and refers to political revolutionaries opposed to miter and crown. Their cult is far older, and concerned with far deeper things than political economics, or even philosophy. Hence, “Gnostics” or “Hermeticists” would be a closer term, or “Witches.” Myself, I call them “Morlocks” after the lamp-eyed posthuman cannibal troglodytes from the futuristic fancy of H.G. Wells. But for historical reasons, Leftwing political parties form the current vector carrying the parasite of this perennial gnostic inversion rejecting reality, so the term will have to serve.

Inverted, the harder they try, the farther from their stated goals do they stray, whereupon they redouble their efforts, undermining themselves and unleashing increasingly random chaos until all things collapse.

Inverted, the more they speak, the less sense they make, until they can debate only via ostracizing, slandering, censoring, and coercing nonconformists into silence.

Their speech is self-refuting. Their acts are self-contradictory ergo counterproductive ergo self-negating.

Leftists are in eternal revolt against reality, and reality always prevails in the end: With fire and slaughter the gods of the copybook headings return.

I call this revolt the Unreality Principle: The less real their worldview, the less realistic their actions, the greater grows their pride, and harder sets their stubbornness.

The Unreality Principle is a principle of self-defeat. Obviously, no one can really change reality, but anyone can reverse his thought and words so that nothing he says is true and nothing he thinks is sane.

This is the condition of hypocrisy I propose is the core and point of their efforts. This is where they want to go.

This hypocritical inversion is what they cling to after all lesser priorities fail: to be a Leftist, one must be a theoretician who never denounce his theories, no matter how often proven false.

Again, in this they are inverted, for they seek theory first, and reject any evidence not in support.

Their sense of justice is likewise based on Unreality. No Leftist sees a crime and seeks to discover the perpetrator. He assigns guilty by theory, and seeks to create a crime to fit and frame him. Verdict first, show trial after.

Even when the dialectic of evolution sweeps a prior theory into the dustbin of history, as when Hegelianism becomes Marxism  or Cultural Marxism becomes Wokeness, the basic the incarnation of the theory may change, but the spirit behind the theory does not change.

Theirs is a meta-theoretical framework for creating theories to continue the great work of unreality, a meta-philosophy defining how to erect a philosophy one does not really believe to continue the ancient Luciferian rebellion.

Different reincarnations may propose different theories, different philosophies with different metaphysics, to serve and glorify unreality. For example, Hegel is mystic, Marx is materialist, Cultural Marxism is cultural and Woke is psychopathological. But in all cases, the specifics change but the form remains, the principle remains, the core features remain.

The form is always to see oneself as a secret king or foetal god unjustly deprived of his due by a demiurge or world-architect enacting a conspiracy of subtle oppression. This is the central conceit of Hermeticism, which sees a sleeping fragment of god in all men.

The principle is Luciferian rebelling against the cosmos, which he sees as a malign prison. This is Gnosticism.

The core feature is to invert man and nature, or man and heaven, pretending eternal truths are subject to human wordplay, or that wordplay defines unchanging truth. This is older than Orwell. This is witchcraft, which conflates symbol with reality.

The form, feature, and principle together combine to prioritize lies over truth and insanity over sanity, so that words or thoughts, by inverting reality, may overrule it.

When a fraudster cheats an innocent victim, he is a hypocrite in the basic sense of the word. This runs deeper than that.

A true hypocrite first deceives himself, and jettisons the categories of truth and falsehood from consideration, so that whether a word or thought reflects reality is never contemplated, only whether is serves to forward and glorify the rebellion.

Only intensions are considered, never results. Only signals, signs, and gestures are regarded, never the reality represented by them. Only surface features are seen as significant, for there is no core to their world.

All is surface. No meaning can exist in their world. All is merely arbitrary and self-serving narrative, a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

They are hypocrites of the purest and most perfect hypocrisy. The hypocrite is always guilty of the very sin he sees in his opposition. He always commits the crime he condemns in others. This is called the Iron Law of Projection. (Ironically, since he is addicted to projection, he will also accuse you of projecting your shortcomings on him.)

Hypocrisy involves self-contradiction, but that is not all it is. Hypocrisy is play-acting, wearing a fair mask on a foul face. It is the strategy of winning the reward without putting in the work. It is the art of being factually incorrect while mouthing political correctness.

Hypocrisy is the activism of arson, anarchy, and riot promoting civilizational collapse in the theory that, not barbarism, but endless utopia springs forth.

In each of these four things, Marxism, Political Correctness, Nihilism, and the Culture of Death, the Leftist is seeking hypocrisy rather than power, in order to achieve (albeit in an inverted and topsy-turvy way) the four basics all men pray to have. Those basics are sustenance, forgiveness, salvation, glorification for what they adore.

Let us examine each in turn.

(1) To seek their daily bread, Leftists turn to Marxism, which promises free bread for all.

The Left are upside-down, so they reject the curse of Adam, instead believing they should receive bread without labor, as a matter of natural right.

By nature, our daily bread is not effortless nor free: man with toil will till the soil, bringing forth also thistle and thorn. In the sweat of man’s face shalt we eat bread, till we return unto the ground.

Only manna, the food of the angels, falls freely from heaven, a supernatural gift, needing no effort more than to gather where it collects at dawn like dew.

Because tillage cannot bear fruit, nor wheat and chaff be winnowed, nor grain milled, nor bread baked, without sustained seasonal effort, the land must be divided into lots, and each man reap only where he sows. Nomads brand cattle for the same reason: mutton, milk, and wool spring not forth of their own accord, but only by labor of the shepherd.

Without private property, human life is continual rapine and raid, and all men seek to seize the rewards of another’s labor, but no man labors. Each man relies on his own force and fraud to enslave and despoil his weaker neighbor.

Marx preached that the institution of private property hence the act of earning the fruit’s of one’s labor creates a barrier blocking man’s path to free and unearned goods, rather than serving as the only bridge to the goods needed for life.

Under Marxism, the fruit of your labor belongs to others, if your ability is greater, while the fruit of their labor belonged to you, if your need is greater.

Hence Marx inverts the natural and supernatural, for he treats bread as manna: what is earned through the sweat of one man’s brow becomes as if it is the gift that falls freely from heaven for any man needier or less able than he.

As with all things Leftist, this inversion of nature creates an inversion of means, and counterproductive and destructive the alleged ends sought. If ability increases one’s work, while need increases one’s reward, the most efficient work-reward ratio is found by decreasing one’s abilities and increasing one’s neediness.

Under these incentives, in short order, human life is reduced to continual rapine and raid, each man relying on his own force and fraud to enslave and despoil his weaker neighbor. Such is life in the socialist commonwealth.

The only difference between socialism and tribal savagery is that tribes are less savage. Natural affection and respect will maintain family order within the tribe, by custom and taboo. Tribes fight, ravage, and raid each other continually, but do not employ systems of secret police, treason, torture, and gulag to do so. No tribal chieftain ever orchestrated a Holodomor or Holocaust.

The main point here is that wherever socialism is adopted, instead of producing prosperity and equality, it creates penury and despotism, buttressed by abundant propaganda, secret police tactics, continual fear, oppression, torture, repression, and exploitation. It is upside down.

Socialism promises the poor abundance, and delivers helotry, a form of mass-slavery more degrading than chattel slavery.

At least a slave owned by a rich Sultan would be treated no worse than any other mule in his stables. But a helot is a public slave, owned by everyone and no one, and so is treated and maintained as well as a public toilet. And in socialism, the lower slaves are owned by higher slaves in turn, and even the dictator is owned by the collective.

When Socialism is seen never to have worked, and foreseen never to be able to work, the faithful Leftist denies reality and redoubles his zeal.

His goal is not and cannot be the prosperity or elevation of the poor. Failures are blamed on the sabotage of counterrevolutionaries, the meddling of foreign interests, or on the lingering remnant of reprobate institutions, attitudes, or psychology creating an insufficient zeal and loyalty from the proles.

The blame is always projected on others: real socialism has never been tried, but the former practitioners were insufficiently pure in motive or ruthless in action. The theory is never questioned.

Marxism preaches the church and state and all the institutions of civilization are the instruments creating all worldly ills. Marxism identifies the goal of socialism explicitly as the obliteration of all current institutions of law and faith: their slogans are that property is theft and religion is the opiate of the masses.

Marxism promises that the obliteration of all marketplace phenomena, including prices, wages, contracts, investment, and money, will create a perfect market. A perfect market will be able to produce the fruits of labor without labor, and in infinite abundance.

Once prices are abolished, everything will be free. Once money is abolished, everyone will be rich. You will own nothing and be happy.

This is madness so pure and plain that even a schoolboy can see it: as if one could build a shed better by first breaking all tools and burning all lumber, or scale a wall more quickly by shattering the ladder.

I humbly submit that the purpose or point of this behavior is not power. Power is certainly needed, power without limit, if social engineers seek to abolish all civilization, all institutions, laws, customs, and norms, and to fashion a new form of superman out of the clay of mankind.

It is needed as a means, but it power is not the goal.

If power were their goal, these communists would follow the footsteps of the Plymouth Rock Pilgrims, who suffered poverty for two winters of foolish experimentation with communal ownership, but who, facing poverty and death, corrected course and returned to private ownership of land and goods. The pilgrim thereafter had power enough to survive, prosper, spread, conquer, and cultivate a New England wilderness.

But there is no course correction for the Left. Instead, there is hypocrisy. The National Socialists, by hypocritically allowing factories to continue under private ownership, formed a stronger nation than their more doctrinaire Soviet neighbors; and Chinese communism, by hypocritically allowing for a limited form of small business ownership, has retained power and fended off collapse for more than a decade. Likewise, the Soviets for decades preached Marxism but their nomenklatura leaders lived lavishly in country homes, their dachas, and traveled and bought luxury goods from the West. Capital investment from the West was crucial for the Soviet survival, a police-state of terror and slavery far worse than what they claimed capitalism to be. The pigs of the Animal Farm were indistinguishable from the humans. It was all hypocrisy.

Even to this day, no Russian admits Stalinism was wrong. If anything, they regard the memory of Stalin with nostalgia, a as strong leader who industrialized a backward nation, won a world war, and put a man in orbit. Theory trumps reality.

They clung to hypocrisy even as they lost power. See the final days and downfall of the Soviet Union for an example.

The Leftists do not want to win. If they wanted to win, they would seek power in pragmatic and cynical ways, following Machiavelli.

Rather, the Left wants to say they won and think they won, or should have done, or one day will, whether they won or not, and play the victim when reality blocks them, blaming others for the failure.

Winning is not the object. Escaping blame is the object. Falsifying reality is needed to escape blame, so falsification is the object. In other words, the object is to adopt lying words and insane thoughts. Hypocrisy is the object.

(2) To seek forgiveness, Leftists adopt the sanctimony and empty show of the postmodern Pharisee, which is called Political Correctness.

The Left are upside-down, so they do not seek to cure their sins by abjuring them, by penance or contrition, and certainly not by seeking baptism to wash the stain away.

No. The Leftist believes in moral relativism. He believes sin is not sin by nature, objectively so, as a fact of reality. In his world, there are no facts. Nothing has a fixed nature. Nothing is objectively correct nor incorrect.  Instead of facts, there is politics. All things are matters of “narrative” and “false consciousness.”

According to Leftism, if you accuse a man of sin, let us say child molestation, your motive cannot be because you really think in reality what the man really did was really contrary to real moral norms and laws. There is no moral law. There are no norms. There is no reality.

According to Leftism, your accusation is only made by an oppressor to gain or retain psychological or social power over a weaker man, hence to oppress him.

Leftism defines child rape as neither right nor wrong. Instead, if you level an accusation calling it wrong, you are oppressing a person of alternate sexual gender expression, and upholding a cis-heteronormative patriarchy of values, whose only purpose is not to protect children, but, by definition, to uphold an arbitrary and unjust social power structure for your own class-benefit.

This belief is not subject to evidence, experience, nor, indeed, open to argument. If you question the point, you are a homophobe or transphobe. Grooming children for pedo-rape never happens, and you are conspiracy theorist spreading violence if you say it does; and even if it did happen, it would be a good thing, stunning and brave.

Hence, to see sin in another is itself a sin. If he robs, rapes or murders, he is excused under the rubric that there is no such thing as right or wrong, merely a social construct arbitrarily assigning such words to things. But if you see him rob, rape, or murder, and you accuse him of wrongdoing, voicing this accusation is totally and always a wrong thing to do.

For you are upholding an oppressive and no doubt outdated power-structure by your arbitrary and meaningless human opinion. Your opinion is based on tradition, which evolution has by now left behind, or based on religion, which is the opiate of the masses, an hallucination used by the strong to oppress the weak. By condemning the guilty, you uphold an oppressive world-system. You are a collaborator.

Got that? If criminal commits a crime, you and not he are the criminal for seeing the crime as it is, and naming it by its right name.

So there is no correctness, only political correctness. Nothing is morally wrong except for seeing moral wrongness. There is no good nor evil except the evil of believing evil differs from good. The sole sin is calling sin sin.

There is, however, self-sanctimony. Political Correctness substitutes expediency for verity. Whatever it is useful to say should be said, regardless of truth or falsehood.

This applies especially to boasting about one’s own virtue. Virtue-signaling shows that one is righteous in one’s own eyes, because one has achieved the enlightenment of knowing evil is good and good is evil.

The nagging guilt all men feel when they see themselves fall short of their ideals can be smothered by the simple expedient of inverting the ideals. Take the opposite of whatever one should do and do that instead. Take the reverse of whatever one ought to glorify and glorify that instead.

Political Correctness promises one can hide sins and shortcomings under outward shows of virtue, without the effort, discipline, or grace practicing real virtue demands. Fake virtue will do, as unconvincing as a paper mache goblin-mask. One need not practice virtue if one can signal virtue. Like a Pharisee, Political Correctness seeks the seeming, not the substance, of piety.

Showing off a virtue one does not possess; or mislabeling virtues like chastity to be vices like sexual repression; or mislabeling norms like family-life to be abnormalities like cis-hetero-patriarchy; or mislabeling vices like sodomy to be virtues like self-expression; or mislabeling insanities like gender dysphoria to stunning and brave acts of heroism; all these things are pure hypocrisy.

If the Left sought power, they would tell lies in order to deceive, and would use the ordinary prudence of a con-man or lying schoolboy to make the lies seem likely. Instead the Left lies even in moments where the truth would serve better, or in places where they have nothing at stake, and no reason to lie. They tell fatuous and unbelievable lies, falsehood they know to be lies, they know we know, and we know they know we know.

For example, they do not actually believe men can menstruate. They believe that a woman should be allowed and encouraged to call herself man, so that her words no longer reflect reality. Therefore they say men can menstruate because they think this falsehood supports the freedom and empowerment of sexually self-deceived female transvestites.

They say it, not because they think it is true, but because they know it is not true. It is their way of proving themselves stronger than truth, more moral than reality, and holier than God. God only made two sexes; the Left made fifty seven and more.

When your words are a false mask, and you mean to say the opposite of your meaning, that is not merely a lie, that is hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy for them is not a shortcoming, not a sin. It is the main virtue and appeal, the point and purpose of Political Correctness. The Left are in rebellion against reality for the same reason Lucifer is in rebellion against God Almighty: a sense of overweening pride.

Perhaps reality cannot be changed by words, but thoughts that would otherwise reflect reality can be, and the Left concentrates on perverting words in order to pervert thoughts.

Words not reflecting reality are lies and nonsense; thoughts not reflecting reality are madness.

(3) To seek salvation, one must flee the world of suffering and sorrow, the valley of tears in which all men are trapped, and seek the Eden from which we woeful Children of Eve are exiles.

Reality would suggest that to seek the paradise that only exists in the supernatural world, one must implore supernatural help, and find an intercessor or savior, who can bear away the burden of sins which bar the path back to paradise.

But the Left are in rebellion against reality. Their sins do not need to be washed away by baptism, because they are washed away by the rhetoric of Political Correctness. Their sins do not need to be covered with the Blood of the Lamb, because they are covered by a false show of Pharisee pride, and by punctual Virtue-Signaling. Their sins are buried under a dungheap of hypocrisy, and need never be mentioned hereafter.

Instead, in the same way wealth is regarded as an effortless natural state, and the labor of herdsman or husbandman seen as blocking, rather than alleviating, human want, so too is paradise regarded as the natural state of fallen man to which he is entitled without taking any effort or making any sacrifices. The blood of the sacrifice is not needed if Man is God.

That we live in a world of tragic misery and want, suffering sickness and death, to the Left, as with all things, is regarded as the conspiracy of the architects of the world-system against us. The oppressors have trapped us in misery to benefit themselves.

They regard happiness and joy as a natural and effortless as a babe in the womb might regard nutriment; it enters by his navel. Once born, however, there is always a gap between the harsh wants of reality and the ideal satisfaction of those wants.

Effort is always needed to bridge the gap. For the babe in arms, the effort is on the part of his mother: he cries, milk enters his mouth. Once weaned and grown to manhood, he must hunt game, gather fruit, till and reap the soil, herd cattle, or find gainful employment to purchase provender for his daily needs. To eat, he works. Likewise for any joy that falls not into his lap as a windfall, to achieve a goal, whatever the goal, he selects means and enacts effort. If his ideal is not achieved, this is because the efforts required to achieve it as yet are fruitless.

Leftism rejects all reality save that of the babe in arms. He cried, but no milk comes. He deems his ideals to be his by right, without effort, and any failure to enjoy them to the fullest is not because of his failure to cross the bridge severing the real and ideal. He is never to blame. The failure is because some evildoer has placed a barrier in the way, and stolen his birthright.

The Leftist then sees the bridge standing between himself and his goal, calls it a barrier, and attempts to destroy it, thinking this will bring the milk he craves flooding into his mouth. Instead, the goal, which was remote before, recedes from his grasp, eventually becoming impossible.

As with sustenance, so with all craved goods in life, material and spiritual. He seeks salvation from the troubles, woes and pains of the world, not by taking up arms against the troubles, but by abolishing the world.

Salvation comes not from Heaven, which the Leftist dismisses as an empty void. In their philosophy, only man can save man, and life has only the meaning man imagines to be in it, which is to say, none at all.

No matter what fanciful theories guide their activist efforts to create utopia, all look to man to produce the means and goals.

As with their economic theory that destroying all wealth-creating institutions will somehow create wealth out of nowhere, as with their moral theory that destroying all virtue-creating practices will somehow create virtue out of nothing, so is their theory of salvation, that the ills and woes of the world can be cured by abolishing the cure.

Destroying society will create social perfection, which will then have the godlike power to govern wisely and justly, abolish crime and sorrow, and wipe all tears away.

In the current season, the philosophy of the Left promotes four theories to promote and provoke utopia to leap into being out of nowhere and nothing: Critical Race Theory, also called Antiwhitism; Intersectional Feminism, also called Castrationism; Queer Theory, also called Pervertarianism; Multiculturalism, also called by various names of Antiwesternism, Anarchy, or Antichristianity.

All these theories are corollaries of one master theory holding that race, sex, gender, and all civilized norms and institutions are cultural constructs rooted in false narratives created by a self-serving conspiracy of parties, perhaps unwittingly, who collaborate in gaining and retaining an unjust but self-perpetuating social power structure.

Alert students of theology will recognize this as a modern and materialistic version of that oldest and most blasphemous of heresies, Gnosticism.

This master theory holds that all claims of truth are statements of domination meant to cow the weak and befuddle the unwary. The only truth is that there is no truth.

This belief in truthlessness is called Nihilism. Critical Race Theory is nihilism regarding questions of race and race-relations; Feminism is nihilism regarding sex; Queer Theory is nihilism regarding gender; Multiculturalism is nihilism regarding Christendom.

Note that we are not here speaking of psychological nihilism, as when Goth chicks wear black lipstick and say life in meaningless. A philosophical nihilist can be an otherwise cheerful and frantic fellow, eager to laugh. He merely thinks that all theories are in vain, and that no over-arching truth can encompass reality, as reality is a figment, and truth is never found among men.

Critical Race Theory hold that race is a social construct enacted by Whites to oppress Blacks, therefore White alone are racists. Any disparities seen in racial participation in various fields in the academic or business world cannot be due to race, as this was defined not to exist, therefore must be due to racism; but since only Whites can practice racism, only they can produce said disparities. A quota system will create utopia.

Likewise, feminism holds femininity, virginity, maternity to be an social construct meant to reduce women to chattel. Equality requires abolition of the sexes, but somehow women who fail in athletic sports against men cannot blame their failure on their sex, since sex was defined not to exist. Abolishing sex will create utopia.

Likewise, once sex is abolished, the social roles and psychological expressions of sex become matters of sexual fetish and queer performance art. The inability of freaks and sexual neurotics to achieve happiness through castration is defined as being the fault of the social construct of sexual roles, especially the rules of chastity and childbirth needed to reproduce the species. Pride parades and indiscriminate slaughter of innocent Christian children is the answer, on the grounds that lying is virtue and truth is genocide. Not just sexual morality, but all morality, must be abolished to make the self-mutilating crazies happy, and they must be allowed, nay, encouraged to prey on your children. Anarchy will create utopia.

Likewise, anarchy requires civilization to be equated with barbarism, which means that all civilizations are equal, and no colonization of lands held by backward savages by civilized men, bringing law and order, peace and prosperity, can be said to have benefitted the savages. Even to call them savage is forbidden, no matter how savage their behavior, or how barbaric their institutions. Christendom is uniquely to blame for al the wars and evils of the world, most particularly the slave-trade which Christendom along abolished. Abolishing Christ will create utopia.

The fact that races are real, sexes are real, morality is real, and Christian civilization is really superior and worthy of emulation, all must be met and overcome by embracing the falsehoods claiming the opposite. Nihilism is behind all these various Critical Theories, and so is the activist corollary that destroying truth will spontaneously create paradise. Burning the businesses and homes of the innocent, riot and random violence, but child molestation most of all the Left sees as creative work certain to bring about a better world.

Destruction is creation. Death is life. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is bliss. A is not-A. Such is the soul and message of Nihilism.

Obvious anyone whose theory says no theories are true does not and cannot truly believe that. The statement that there is no truth, if true, is false.

Again, even a schoolboy can see this insolent self-contraction. They see it as well, they merely do not care. The theory is not meant to map into reality.

No theory of a Leftist is a map. It is always a blueprint.

The blueprint is always a plan to make reality conform to theory. Or, not a plan, but an assertion, an opinion, an article of faith, which the Left will condemn, silence or kill your for opposing, or even failing to uphold with sufficient zeal.

But what sort of cult take it as an article of faith that all faith is in vain, because whatever truth the cultist believes, according to the cultist himself, is false?

Such belief is not useful for a cult devoted to spiritual growth mental sanity or human life. This is not the illogical of a Zen koan meant to shock the conscious mind into contemplating the ineffable. This is merely scorn for the limitations of reality, the chains of sanity, the pains of life. This is a cult bent on banishing life: a death cult.

(4) The men of the Culture of Death seek to glorify their idols and magnify their sacraments no less that men of wholesome and honest faiths. But, again, they are upside-down.

Inverted, they see God in Heaven as a barrier blocking their path to happiness, not a bridge. They are upside-down, so they think salvation comes from disobedience to God. They think His rules of life are a trap and a snare meant to deceive the benighted into collaboration with the jailors and tormentors of the world-prison.

This is why religion is the first thing mocked and blasphemed when the Left gain power, and the priests are the first men jailed.

Everything they do is rebellion against God. They hate Mary, and so hate motherhood and scorn virginity. They claim to seek sexual liberation, but they wish solely to be “liberated” from the procreative purpose of sex. As with all things, they seek the surface pleasure while ignoring its heart and soul; they seek masturbation, which is a symbol of representative act of sex, but is not the sex act. For this reason, sodomy and pederasty are sacred to them, as is the mutilation of children’s sexual organs, and the bloody murder of innocent babies in the womb — whose remains they refuse the honor of burial.

Dehumanizing adults is also very near and dear to the death cultists. Evolution is sacred to them, since it means all improvements in the race come through suffering and death of the weak. Overpopulation fears and night-terrors of Global Warming and Cooling and Ozone Acid and whatnot are sacred to them, since all such terrors turn the blessing of childbirth into the menace of an overcrowded lifeboat. Life is an evil to them, and they dearly wish for men to die, by the tens and hundreds of thousands, but the millions.

They hate children. They love teaching children swear-words, and grooming them for sexual exploitation. They hate any heroism, even portrayed as a story in a film, which would curtail the sexual slavery of children, or their murder to harvest their organs for transplants.

Anti-Semitism is sacred to them, since they hate God and any people to whom He shows favor.

Reason and science and rationality is hateful to them, since theses things lead to God. Beauty is hateful to them, since this reminds the slumbering soul of God. Love is hateful to them, either of man to wife, father to child, patriot to flag. The only erotic love they like is sterile sexual perversion.

Death is sacred to them, since they hate God.

Honesty is most hateful to them. Hypocrisy is their sole cure and escape from the bitter light of honest thought, the cruel music of honest speech, the piercing pain of honest gazes glancing at their works and ways.

We and our fathers have erected in Christendom the mightiest, most just, and most prosperous society ever known or imagined. They hate us and hate our fathers with a bitterness unimaginable to a sane mind. Christendom has given them every and all benefits they enjoy in life, if they benefit from modern life at all. Buddhism, perhaps or Taoism, owes no gratitude to Western lore, since it springs from other roots: but Leftism is a Christian heresy, for Hegelianism and Marxism are offshoots of German psychopathology based in envy and hatred of Rome. Leftism is entirely a Western stepchild.

The West has showered the Left with benefits uncountable, and so they seek to destroy the West. You, dear reader, have never done them the lest particle of harm, and yet they hate you and everything you love, seeking retaliation for every imaginary wrong a damnable psychotic can invent. They hate hard work for being industrious, and true love for being romantic, and fair music for being sublime, and cathedrals for being tall, and children for being wee and tiny.

They hate fortitude and stoicism for being toxic, prudence for being bigotry, justice for being unjust, and temperance they hate most of all, since to fail to indulge in every sick fantasy and excess, to them, is inauthentic and repressive.

Faith, they call blind, because they are blind. Hope they call an opium, because they are addicted to delusion. Divine love is unknown, and benevolence impossible, since all of life is an endless Darwinian struggle between oppressor and oppressed, without leave or let, mercy or quarter. In the endless war of all against all, the only worthy act is retaliation against all reality. To this, they devote their lives and thoughts. When they depart reality, words and thoughts no longer reflect reality and they live in the sleepwalker’s wonderland of pure hypocrisy.

If your life is meaningful, it is an affront to them, a deadly insult, for their lives are not.

They hate you for being human. They hate the image and likeness of God in you.

With all these things in mind, let us reword the model prayer to reflect the petitions a Leftist would utter in lieu of the Lord’s Prayer:

We who father our own self, self-created,

Hallowed be our name
We decree a perfect world; set the world to burn
Let the ideal replace the real; for we pronounce our pronouns

Daily bread will be free for all, once all property is gone
Let our self-esteem be fed; society is to blame.
True socialism has never been tried.
Lead us not to listen to reason,
but censor hate speech and disinformation. 

For Mine is utopia, and omnipotence, and the right side of history.